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Underwater Dream

Designing for Tatty Devine sparked my passion for laser cut acrylic design and I knew this was something to include in my collection. These retro-style 'splat' shapes are based on drawings of my waterfall splashing photography. These were laser cut neon and mirror acrylic sheets which I then attached to an iridescent panel of acrylic that has been precisely cut with a design based on my photography of underwater bubbles. This sits in a handmade ceramic stand that has been coated in a baby pink matte effect. It is hard capturing this screen in a still photograph as the iridescence and mirror effects (and the way these moves and shift) creates total magic as you move and look around it. Dimensions: 53x60x28cm

Tarn Howes Adventures

This photo was taken when I got lost on a walk to discovering Tarn Howes in The Lake District, England. Under the cover of dense trees was wondrous waterfalls and as I came to the top of this walk there was a peaceful lake in what felt like 'the middle of nowhere, it really felt like I had discovered a little haven. I wanted to capture the adventure and joy felt on this day using vibrant contrasting colours and textures galore with the water, rocks and foliage.

The Water Splat Chair

This image is to show the chair as a whole. Please see Image 2 for details of the back panel. Hanging from the front of the base is a fringe made of hand-cast resin and Jesmonite with additional laser-cut discs, drilled and assembled into long chains. There is a variety of matte/glossy, glittery, opaque/transparent and iridescent effects for added texture and interest.

Zero Plastic Waste Offcut Tiles

My Dissertation research was focused on 'Plastic Design in an Environmentally Conscious World' and ways to combat/reduce waste. I noticed in my second year, that even when filling a sheet with as much artwork in the best layout possible, between 30-50% is left behind from the outer perimeters, which normally becomes waste. During Semester 1 of this year, I prototyped and refined a process to enable me to repurpose all of my offcut 'waste' into wonderful, abstract tiles. After perfecting my process in Semester 1, I wanted to push this further for this collection. I have found new ways to break up the acrylic waste and arranged each tile to have its own colour combination and layers, ensuring each tile is unique. Every offcut piece was sorted and broken to be repurposed into these lovely tiles, which are made one at a time.

The Floating Lake Table

This image shows a section of the hand-cast epoxy tabletop. It has white 'cloudburst' effects in transparent, to look like fast-flowing water and was then backed in neon baby pink. This was cast in 5 layers over the period of 1 week, in a mould handmade by myself to be the size and shape I wanted. The surface was then sanded and polished until it became like glossy glass.

Megan Nagy

Colour is at the heart of everything I design. I enjoy designing and making impactful statement pieces for Fashion, Jewellery, Interiors & Contemporary Furniture

My work is focused on bringing joy and a sense of wonder to interior spaces. My project was inspired by photography I have taken of waterfalls during many adventures, predominantly in Croatia and across the UK. The splashes, textures and expressive qualities of waterfalls along with the sense of escapism and wonder I felt were the key feelings I wanted to translate into my collection. The mixture of transparent water and rocky backdrops of waterfalls inspired my choice of materials and the textures/effects I wanted to create. I am driven to create something I have never seen before and to explore different material processes. These materials include epoxy resin, polyethurane, Jesmonite, laser-cut acrylic, ceramics and digital print design. It is important for me to have environmental awareness of my chosen processes; I have ensured my collection has zero plastic waste (see Image 7).

I am very excited to be launching my business, making bespoke surfaces, tables and furniture, alongside my digital print designs. This will run together with my current business making jewellery using resin, laser cutting and Jesmonite. For any custom commission requests please contact me via the email attached or follow my Instagram accounts as I will be showing lots of my exciting new future designs via these two accounts.

Final year project

Fluoro Falls

Work Experience

Tatty Devine - 4-Months shadowing Head Designer & Company Founder, Harriet Vine MBE
I assisted in designing 7 collections - taking them from concept through to prototypes, final samples to photoshoots. I created artworks, researched imagery, explored colour stories/ acrylic combinations and gave input in meetings reviewing collections/balance of a collection. I also assisted in curating the Misshapes exhibition with the Crafts Council in celebration of the company’s 20th birthday. I learnt an incredible amount during my time there - Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign have become second nature for me to work with. I learnt what was needed for straightforward yet detailed product development sheets and assisted in meetings discussing prototypes and design developments. It is important to me that I approach every task with a positive attitude, whether it is something I have knowledge of or if it is a new skill to learn.

Mira Mikati – Fashion Design intern, 4 months, London
I worked on SS21 alongside a team of 4 others. I gained experience in garment construction, artwork reworking/recolouring/cleaning up digitally, artwork scaling and placement decisions, working with toiles and pantone colour referencing. I learnt how to make in-depth and thoroughly accurate files on Illustrator and Photoshop for digital garments and artwork placements, with professional and clear communication to factories for prototyping, then revising these and creating feedback documents. I also researched and created mood boards for the design team and assisted with the designing of a custom celebrity bespoke suit for Diplo for the VMAs.

Towcester Primary School - 4-Months, Volunteer Teaching Assistant in Northampton.
I assisted Years 3-6 in all subjects, with a focus on Maths and Art. I helped children who struggled with Maths, it was enormously rewarding to see how much they could learn with me. I sometimes taught parts of lessons and also planned and ran creative workshops. It was important to me to balance being kind and support the children’s learning alongside maintaining authority. I also designed and made unique displays for around the school.