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SONA - Internals

Sona uses a combination of accelerometers, gyroscopes and depth-sensing cameras in tandem with advanced data post-processing to track its position relative to the user to allow recreation of a 3D ultrasound image from the 2D collection.

SONA - Guidance

The user interface is designed to instil confidence in the clinician that they have performed a high-quality breast assessment. Highly accurate information about device location in relation to the breast forms a visual map to follow, showing the clinician areas they have and haven’t covered in real-time.

SONA - Prototyping

A combination of low to high fidelity prototyping was used to evaluate Sona’s form, interaction design and ease of assembly & manufacturability.

Klean - Live Project

Klean is a portable sanitary waste disposal unit, designed to create a safer experience for those who menstruate and use male toilets.
Klean came about through the lack of provision of sanitary waste disposal for transgender and non-binary individuals in male toilets but can be used by any person who experiences menstruation. Whether out for the day unsure of toilet facilities, camping or even visiting someone else’s house. Klean seeks to be desirable, discreet and involves minimal contact between the user and the often dysphoria triggering of both sanitary products and blood. It seeks to create a hygienic feeling experience and a product that feels distant from societies ‘periods = women’ outlook.

Fare-ly UX Team of one

Fare-ly is a fin-tech start-up aiming to revolutionise payments in the rail industry. During my time there I was responsible for designing the end-to-end user experience of the app and website whilst also designing a pitch deck for investor presentations. This was used to demonstrate the benefit of the project to society and resulted in the business securing funding.

Megan Lincoln

I am a motivated, conscientious designer passionate about crafting meaningful user experiences.

For me, design is the ability to identify and truly empathise with user problems and needs, enabling the creation of bespoke solutions that provide genuine value and impact.

I believe that at its core good design is not focused on intricate detailing or unusual surfacing, but the quiet satisfaction of a content end-user.

I relish tackling new challenges and have hugely appreciated the opportunities Loughborough Design School have provided over the last 4 years. Opportunities that have developed and broadened my skill set providing me invaluable experience in interaction, digital and physical design.

Skills I have had the opportunity to put to the test and grow during my placement year at Graphic Packaging International, a summer internship at Macquarie Group and my work at a fin-tech start-up, Fare-ly.

I look forward to pursuing a career in the exciting and diverse industry design provides, in a creative environment that enables me to continue my journey to becoming the best I can be. I am excited about what the next chapter holds!

Final year project

SONA - Making Breast Cancer Monitoring Accessible at a Local Care Level


WPO Worldstar SAVE FOOD Initiative Award
Worldwide Packaging Competition in which students were invited to enter, having won a national packaging competition in their respective country. I gained an additional award, the SAVE FOOD Initiative award for innovative packaging design seeking to reduce food waste.

WPO Worldstar Student Packaging Winner
Worldwide Packaging Competition in which students were invited to enter, having won a national packaging competition in their respective country. I gained the title of WPO Worldstar Student Winner awarded to the 3 highest scoring entrants.

Silver Award Starpack Award
National Packaging Competition in which I was awarded the silver Starpack award from the judging panel.

Starpark Sponser Runner Up Award Klockner Pentaplast
National Packaging Competition in which I was awarded the sponsor runner up award from Klockner Pentaplast for innovative packaging design.

Diploma of Professional Studies

Work Experience

UX Design Intern - Macquarie Group
At Macquarie Group, a global investment bank and asset management firm I worked within the UX team to produce an end to end-user experience solution to improve FX trader productivity.
Carried out analysis of the current process, conducted user interviews, user journey flow, experience mapping and personas to generate and analyse user insights.
Utilised digital prototyping tools to produce both medium and high fidelity prototypes and tested with users.
Led discussions facilitating the handover of my design proposal to the software development team.

UX Design Lead - Fare-ly
At Fare-ly, a fin-tech start-up working to disrupt the claims delay process with the rail industry, I worked in a UX team of one to research, design and prototype the UI and UX for their flagship product.
Responsible for styling, brand identity, website and pitch deck resulting in the securing of funding.
Supported front end development of a prototype in HTML & CSS.

Student Packaging Designer - Graphic Packaging International
At Graphic Packaging International. a global, leading company in the design and manufacture of carton board based packaging I worked within the conceptual design team to design bespoke packaging solutions tailored to the client's brand identity and desired user experience.
Working within the conceptual design team delivered over 75 briefs for clients ranging from high street brands to emerging start-ups.
Attended Paris fashion week and worked on the presentation of key future design trends to clients focusing on utilising these trends to remain competitive.