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The Situation

The remaining humans inhabit the Dyson sphere style space station. With limited supplies and resources and no way of knowing the conditions of the earth, their only solution is to make contact with the earth with the hope some or something is listening. The situation for the remaining humans worsened resorting to a civil war and a devastating event caused the station to rupture and break.

Max-Milano Cecconi

Graphic Designer specialising in digital illustration.

My work process always tells a story. The story for my final year project is about developing my skills and knowledge in digital painting to create 'concept art'. My aim was to create a visual narrative for a theoretical film along with designs for the characters, landscapes and more. My work process is thorough and extensive and I only strive for the best of my capability. I am skilled in a range of Adobe software and traditional media and during my time as a freelance graphic designer, I have had many professional clients. I have a strong passion for exploring the best of my creative and imaginative potential. I have previously experimented with digital painting by creating my own briefs and I have practised and developed my skills in digital painting as my career goal is to create concept art for the film industry.

Final year project

Graphic Communication and Illustration


Voted Student Representative for Graphic design and Illustration at Stratford Upon Avon Collage.

Work Experience

Freelance Graphic Designer.
As a result of my online presents, I have been contacted by clients to tackle their professional briefs. I’ve created logos infographics and promotional materials. Clients include:
WE ARE LIMITLESS - clothing brand. Created logos/promotional materials.
RENZ MEDIA - freelance musician. Created a variety of logos.
NEOM CITY - concept for the gaming expo

Proscreen Promotions 2017
Worked for a local client and produced professional advisement material. I’ve co-designed and manufactured promotional materials. I experienced professional-client briefs and workplace obstacles.

GE Aviation 2015
Experienced working in several design and engineering departments and was trained in basic electronics. I also analysed and tested experimental designs and participated in team collaborations where I tackled intense situations.