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Quanta - Easy Adminstration

The blood collection device utilises pain and mess-free micro-needling technology. This allows the user to conveniently collect blood and apply it to the cassette without the requirement of medical syringes or pipettes.

The user simply removes the back hub cab, applying it to their upper arm section. The device is activated by pressing the central front-facing hub cap. Following successful blood collection, the cassette can be inserted. Blood is transferred to the two lateral flow tests through capillary action via the embedded microfluidic channels.

Quanta - User Experience

The proposed app allows users to connect to the imaging device remotely. The app will guide the user through the testing process. Following analysis, the app will assist in monitoring patients progress and quantify users results.

Quanta - Context of Use

The blood collection device sits comfortably on the user's arm during blood collection. Offering users the freedom of performing other tasks while the device collects human serum. The reader has been designed to blend into the user's environment naturally, while still offering an aesthetic design solution.

Stepping Stones - Fertility Testing Kit

The Stepping Stones testing kit opens up the discussion around fertility testing. The fertility testing kit promotes inclusivity and embodies a gender-neutral and inclusive design approach. The kit allows for the two tests to be carried out: sperm and hormone fertility testing.

Stepping Stones - Results

Once the blood and semen sample arrives back in the lab they will be analysed. Results will be reviewed by a doctor and returned via a mobile dashboard within 48 hours. Results will provide an understanding of the health of the patient's fertility levels. Sperm's mobility and motility are broken down, and ovulation outlined to help better understand fertility. Couples' future life goals can be discussed further with a doctor who will make recommendations based on the results.

Max Freeman

I would consider myself a likeable, outgoing and confident individual, who is currently aspiring to leave his mark in the world of design. As a designer, my focus is always on identifying problems and developing solutions that work.

I would like to think of myself as a creative individual with high levels of motivation, focus and attention to detail. I strive to produce market-ready products that offer new and unique experiences. Through design, I aim to resolve user issues while honing in on aesthetics and product details. Following graduation, I endeavour to continue developing as a designer by bringing new, innovative and meaningful solutions to life.

Final year project

Quanta - Point of Care Rapid Diagnostic System


'20 Products I have designed are currently or set to be released in outlets in 2021-2022.
'17 Student Starpack - A brief set by Logoplaste to redesign the milk bottle.

Work Experience

During my placement at Spro Deutschland GmBH, I learnt how to manage a range of projects spanning across the different branches of the company, both individually and within a team of multinational designers. Being exposed to a wide variety of projects has given me invaluable levels of experience, enhancing my skill set across manufacturing, visualisation and prototyping, which proved key in nurturing my skills as a designer. Being able to sample what it is like to work abroad is one of the many factors to why I would be keen to travel further and would jump at the opportunity to work abroad again.