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Arlo. - App

The device is set up and the results viewed on the app once monitoring is complete. These are concealed until the end of monitoring to avoid the user viewing the first few, typically high readings and becoming anxious.

Arlo. - Modes

The reversible cap allows the device to be set in Practise or Active mode, where Practise mode mimics monitoring but without readings, as a step towards full monitoring.

Arlo. - Exploded View

Manufacturing considerations took into account the need to avoid a split line down the midplane of the device, whilst maintaining the correct positioning of the internals, to ensure the end product retained the desired soft aesthetic.

Arlo. - Prototypes

A range of prototypes was produced to test different elements of the design through the development process. These ranged from low-fidelity foam and card models to higher fidelity 3D-prints and wireframes.


Midi is a passively fed razor that provides protection during shaving without the need to pre-apply shaving foam, eliminating the associated time, mess, and limitations. @Cambridge Consultants

Matthew Yeoman

I am an empathetic designer with a passion for user-focused solutions.

I aspire to develop new and innovative solutions to real-world problems based on consistent communication with the users throughout. My experience on Loughborough's design course and year’s placement at Cambridge Consultants has enabled me to develop a rigorous, holistic and user focused design process, under pressure, for clients, and as part of a team. I am particularly drawn to the concept ideation and visual communication of consumer products and services, and on completion of my degree, I aspire to further expand my knowledge of these areas within the design industry. I am excited to see where I end up next!

Final year project

Enabling those with excessive anxiety over blood pressure monitoring to obtain comfortable and accurate readings.

Work Experience

Industrial Design Intern, Cambridge Consultants, July 2019 - July 2020

I worked on numerous client and internal projects throughout the year's placement, covering all aspects of the design process. During this time, I worked with many teams, meeting new people and adapting to the job requirements on a daily basis in a fast-paced work environment. Regular tasks involved ideation workshops, production of design visuals (sketching, illustrations, renders etc.), presentations, and primary and secondary user research.