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CleanAir aims to improve the health of its users by reducing the air pollution they breathe while travelling, providing personal air quality monitoring, encompassed within a smart band, that utilises a weaved electroactive polymer that tightens and loosens in reaction to electric currents to stimulate the discomfort of the lungs when travelling in polluted areas.

CleanAir - Cleaner Travel

The smart band of CleanAir combines with an app that provides the user with: cleaner alternative routes; health warnings; statistics on journeys so they can track progress; the ability to preplan journeys avoiding large areas of pollution, as well as ways they can reduce air pollution for others. CleanAir uses the incentive of better health and a proactive motivation about air pollution, providing users with actionable information that they can feel confident and trust in.


WeightedComfort allows the user to combine exercise with comfort in one environment. As a multi-functional piece of home furniture, it converts from a sleek industrial coffee table into a fully adjustable weight bench with 3 simple steps. This allows the user to improve the variety of weight-related exercises available to them within their home, alongside enabling them the ability to keep on top of their physical and mental wellbeing. It also provides clever storage solutions to hide all the key pieces of equipment the user will need for their weighted workout.

WeightedComfort - Connected Training

The main coffee table/weight bench combines with a set of smart weights that track your workouts using accelerometers providing exercise records within an app that can be used to challenge friends and bring friendly gym competition and motivation into the home.

Matthew Lloyd

I am passionate about using design to improve the world that we live in and I find learning and developing my design skills really rewarding.

I’m an inquisitive and enthusiastic designer and I apply myself to any challenge proposed to me wholeheartedly, aiming to empathise and understand the perspective of the user so I can tailor my design approach and make sure the final outcome is the best it possibly can be. I have a passion for Branding, Marketing and User Experience design. I find these really exciting fields and developing my skills in these areas is a key focus of mine.

Final year project

U Cook - Providing Newly Visually Impaired Users the Confidence to Cook Independently at Home


'21 RSA Student Design Awards, Design School Nominee
'21 Diploma in Professional Studies
'17 Student Starpack, Bronze Award

Work Experience

July '19 - July '20 Pavegen, London ǀ Design Intern.
While on Placement at Pavegen I worked across a plethora of projects, including developing a more thorough set of Brand Guidelines as well as working to develop proposal designs for a wide variety of brands and companies. I was able to go to Romania with our CEO to photograph the launch of a Pavegen installation, which I was involved in the design of alongside one of my colleagues.