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DYNO - Exploded View

The brush charges wirelessly when placed on top of the body. The product attaches to a wall through a suction cup mechanism. Both the brush and body are IPX7 water-resistant.

DYNO - Prototyping

Extensive use of prototyping was conducted to help with design decisions. An iterative process was applied and tested through these prototypes.

FURAITO - Personal Transportation Jetpack

FURAITO is a fictional cyberpunk project of a personal backpack with a built-in propulsion system for the future that reflects what I enjoy designing in my free time.

FURAITO - Ideation

A combination of quick initial drawings and higher fidelity development sketches.

Live Project - Panasonic Brief

The device offers a solution to the difficulty of ordering food online and the isolation experienced by some older adults during the pandemic. It is voice-controlled to provide an easier method for older adults and it seeks to improve family relationships by making the home dining experience interactive and engaging. A device that is used during meal times encourages an easy opportunity to reach out daily while engaging in an activity. The older adult will feel less isolated as they take part in a family activity. This will ultimately improve the older adult’s mental well-being and help with dwindling relationships between children and their grandparents, whilst also encouraging young children to actively participate in the kitchen.

Matteo Aprile

A multicultural, hands on, kinesthetic learner applying design through innovative forward thinking methods.

I am an eager and curious individual who always seeks new opportunities to learn and gain experience. I try to apply my knowledge of industrial design into any and all of my practices. I have been given the opportunity to travel due to my multicultural background which has widened my perspective on the world. I hope to further my career in industrial design within a position that will allow me to expand my horizons and reach my full potential.

Final year project

Reducing Cavities Amongst Children Through Proper Education in Dental Health.


'21 Design School Nominee - RSA Student Awards
'18 Student Starpack Award - Shortlisted

Work Experience

Working full-time at Vivona brands as a design intern during my placement year provided me with insightful hands-on experience in the design industry. I was fortunate to be able to be part of a small design team, which in turn allowed me to work on most of the projects at the company. I was tasked with the designing and 3D modelling of the Vivona exhibition space at a cosmetic trade show, which offered me valuable practice for the technical skills I have solidified during my previous undergraduate years. However, I was urged to reach out of my comfort zone by partaking in graphic design projects, such as point of sales displays and packaging designs. This expanded my creative range as I was able to cultivate skills otherwise not emphasized in the industrial design course. Working in a company's in-house design team imparted a sense of urgency I had never fully experienced during my undergraduate career. While the user was hypothetical in all of my university projects, Vivona presented me with the opportunity to work for the real user. This experience has undoubtedly taken my design skills to another level.