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Communikids App: Brand Book

Communikids is a digital application that allows registered intermediaries to conduct a child witness assessment efficiently. My concept was to create an app that covers all aspects of the procedure, including features to record the child’s concentration and performance.

Currently, the resources available to registered intermediaries are unsuitable, and they find themselves having difficulty travelling around with a collection of objects and worksheets to conduct an assessment. Communikids prides themselves on being the registered intermediaries’ digital toolbox, providing all the communication tools and assessment features in one place.

Communikids works as a brand using vibrant colours and a simple layout to provide an easy tool primarily designed for registered intermediaries, that aims to engage the child witness during the assessment process.

Communikids App: Illustrations

This image shows my use of digitalised hand-drawn illustration within the app to attract attention from the young witness' participating in the assessment. Vibrant, fun use of imagery was included to make it more appealing for the children and keep them engaged throughout the activities.

Mathilde Willepotte

An enthusiastic, dual nationality student at Loughborough University with a passion for branding and illustrative projects.

During my university studies, I've developed a visual style through purposeful design. Photography, mood boarding and sketching enable me to explore new avenues and visualise my ideas.

Group projects have allowed me to display my optimism and create a welcoming working environment for others whilst building teamwork & communication skills. I've been expanding on my ability to work independently throughout the pandemic, creating purposeful and decorative outcomes through digital platforms such as the adobe suite (InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop).

Creative feedback and discussions help to enhance our work. Therefore, I'd like to work in a creative agency to develop my broad skill set and continue learning.

Final year project

Project 1: Kind Smoothies Project 2: The Dinney

Work Experience

I completed my placement at the Curious Agency as a junior designer for six months. Throughout my time at the agency, I was able to identify my strengths and build on my weaknesses whilst gaining a better understanding of the design industry.

Alongside the marketing team, I worked with the design team, producing digital and printed outcomes for various clients such as restaurants, schools and skin-care companies. The experience improved my ability to work quicker and more efficiently whilst broadening my skill sets.