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Luke Trower


A scene from the Trails: Companion World game. The player character waits in front of a row of chairs that say waiting on them. A board above the character says waiting for other players - time elapsed 6 seconds. A button underneath the player character says leave. Outside the window, it is sunny and a train has pulled up.

Rendered Scene from Trails: Companion World

This is a 3D representation of the waiting screen that a player will see when waiting to go on a hike with other players. The original illustration concept was created by Ragini Mohanty and the crayon overlay was created by Nix Newton.

A set of 17 brown icons. They all have a rough texture applied over the top of them. The top row of icons are a tick, an arrow pointing at a dot, a person's head with a smiling face in a speech bubble next to them, a tent, two circles connected by a line and a knife and spoon. The middle row of icons are a steaming cooking pot, a large plus sign with some smaller plus sings next to it, a basket, mountains, a crystal ball with a star on it and a navigator's compass. The bottom row of icons are a camera, a puzzle piece, a hard hat, a heart filled in half way and a person's head with an exclamation mark over the face.

Layout Icons

When presenting the project, I was responsible for creating a set of icons to convey different aspects of the project. They were generally set very faded behind the text to add extra detail.

Luke Trower

I always seek to create work that makes me happy and is in line with my interests.

From Art Foundation to Final Year, I have had a wide range of interests and probably wanted to do every possible pathway at some point or another. The most important thing that I have learnt from these past 4 years is how much Art and Design mean to me and my wellbeing, and in the future, I want to always keep creating as a hobby. Whether it be model painting, traditional drawing or graphic design, I always want to be able to focus on the creative pursuits that interest me the most and give me the most enjoyment.

Shown below is a group project for a game called Trails: Companion World, completed with Ragini Mohanty and Nix Newton, for the D&AD Rare Games Brief. It is a cooperative game where groups of players go on hikes to find items and discover locations. Within this project, I was responsible for 3D Modelling and Motion Graphics as well as App and Layout Design.

Final year project

Trails: Companion World


During my Art Foundation Year (2017-18), I won the John Mack Foundation Award for Visual Communication for fully embracing the ethos of the course. I was also Highly Commended at the Business Disability Forum's 7-Day Film Challenge (2017-18).