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Archie's Piccadilly Station - Instagram room

In this project I worked on the design and fit out of a new 'influencer friendly' space in connection to the waffle, burger and shakes brand Archie's. This may have birthed my hatred for the colour pink as well being the weirdest project I have ever worked on to date, but god did I have fun! And even more cool than the banana swing, I can officially say that boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr has experienced a space that I had hand in creating, pretty cool for a boxing fan/designer.

Boutique Gym design + fit out

In my time on placement I was lucky to work on a large variety of gym design projects, some even in an international setting. In this case, I worked on the design and fit out of a medium sized gym space connected to a growing hotel brand Locker. In this case I worked on creating the working drawings for on sight contractors as well as producing concept artworks to showcase material and product use.

Hiiive Community Group

A project aimed at tackling the growing homeless problem space in the City of Manchester, utilising local business' and wasted space to create a network of support. From housing, to creation of community and economic support, Hiiive is an initiative that brings the general public into the homeless problem truly for the first time, in a push for them to be apart of the solution. The image above showcases the design for a multipurpose community hub building, in which the homeless and the public may integrate in a number of various instances and programs.

Homes on the Viaduct

A part of the Hiiive Community Group, the utility of a forgotten viaduct space sitting above the region of Castlefield, Manchester. A long space spanning over 300m in length that hosts a large number of small scale housing solutions and social/active spaces. Like a Scalextric, these homes can be maneuvered up and down the span of the bridge throughout various points of the year, be it to make way for a Christmas market or for individuals to gather and socialise over a summer night BBQ.

Project: miCARcosm, Hostel unit

Aimed at achieving the breaking down of social stigmas, facilitating the formation of community for a group of people in desperate need - this project is one that tackles the homeless problem space in the City of L.A. with a more acute attention to those living in their cars.

Luke Burns

Hi, I am a young creative with an extensive design skillset.

I have an active lifestyle and a healthy relationship with the notion of hard work. Striving to build and operate my own independent ventures in the hospitality space, with a lead on the creative. From branding to interiors, user experience to social media, I am looking for any experience that I perceive as valuable in the build up to this career goal!

Final year project

the miCARcosm