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React Wakeboard Bindings - Prototype

An image showing the testing set up with the SLS 3D printed prototype to test the magnetic releasing system of the concept. The prototype was put through rigorous testing phases to establish the effectiveness of the concept and prove that it would work under a set of predetermined conditions, based on theoretical calculations. The magnetic release concept worked very well, with current users approving of the new system and current wakeboarders endorsing and backing the development of the prototype. Users expressed concern about one binding releasing and not the other which could cause potential injury, however, this was addressed by modifying and integrating a new electromagnet system instead of using regular magnets.

VISION-X - Enhancing Soldier Training

A computer-generated image using SolidWorks Visualise, showing the new VISION-X training optic mounted to an AR-15. This project was a second-year Internet of Things project completed in the second semester. VISION-X brings modern big data and AI to soldier training in the form of a smart optic scope to mount on top of weapons. The optic features dual scope technology, where targets are traced in real-time, with the AI suggesting adjustments to the user live while they are aiming down sights. This is a very secretive and classified market, so it was difficult to gather information on user preferences and current developments that exist on the market, which created a challenge.

Vision-X - Enhancing Personalised Soldier Training

An image showing the app capabilities of VISION-X and the User Interfacing of the application. VISION-X can be linked to any device using Bluetooth and then paired with the app where the optic will send the data to the user and display their sessions on-screen in charts. These charts and results from training sessions are also shared with higher areas of command so that they are able to identify where they can improve their training methods to increase the quality of the soldier on the whole.

kettle. - Smart Home Kettlebell Trainer

A computer-generated render showing the in-context use of Kettle. This project was a week-long design challenge following a set brief by an international design firm in 2021. A smart kettle-bell trainer with variable weight by just filling with water or sand. Soft and sculpted recycled steel handle tailors to the user's grip to ensure the best workout experience. Accompanied by a single metal tube stand, seamlessly blending into any modern home. With minimal construction, the removable acrylic container can contain water or sand to adjust the weight to the user's requirements.

kettle. - Smart Home Kettlebell Trainer

A computer-generated render showing the in-context use of Kettle alongside the App Login User Interfacing. Bluetooth connectivity and a motion sensor in the handle allow you to connect to the kettle. app, with no subscription for the first 6 months. Users can join the community with other kettlers, follow and communicate with their favourite personal trainers through live sessions and track all of their workouts as they go. The product encourages cost-friendly workouts using things that they have access to at home [water/sand] to increase or decrease the weight. The project included rapid research and sketch ideation, as well as refined development and high quality delivery.

Lucas Harrison

A creative, no-nonsense designer with a fresh approach and an eye for detail.

My aspirations as a young designer are many. I want to hone my creativity and vision as a designer. I have a strong vision and will to start my own design studio and consultancy in the future, working with a variety of businesses in a wide range of disciplines. In the near future, I look to build on my skills learned and help businesses achieve their goals with my creativity, strategy and leadership qualities.

My bilingual abilities and global cultural understanding have culminated from my numerous past experiences in different countries, living all over the world. This improves the quality of my design work, aiming to tailor products to the needs of the client and users.

My work experiences have given me a wealth of knowledge and skills, as well as more recently honing my transferable skills across disciplines and jobs. All of which will prepare me well for any situation in the working and design world. I am a strong, clear communicator willing to work hard to achieve success and further business opportunities and goals.

Final year project

React Wakeboard Bindings - Addressing Wakeboarding Injuries

Work Experience

BENOY Architecture London - 2017 - Junior Designer

I took on the role of a Junior Design Intern, assisting with different projects over the course of the Internship. I learnt about the importance of communication and collaboration in the workplace of design and architecture, as well as new techniques using sketch, 3D modelling in AutoCAD and ReVit. This gave me a great insight into a design workplace environment and prepared me for my university course and working as a team.

daLuca Design - 2018-Present - Freelance Designer

Opening up and running my own freelance graphic and product design business in my free time. My work comprises bespoke Product and Graphic design consulting and solutions aimed at small and developing businesses. My work is creative, innovative and honest, with client relations and customer service at the heart of my work. I have worked with a number of small business clients building their brand and creating marketing strategies and material. It has taught me how to deal with the business and marketing side of design, as well as increase my customer service skills and deliver high-quality products on time to tight deadlines.

Spring Lakes Watersports Nottingham - 2020-Present - Watersports Instructor & Assistant Manager

Taking on lead responsibilities as a watersports instructor in a customer-facing role, organising and running session for customers of all ages. Using key communication skills to liaise with managers and the leadership team to ensure proper and professional operations at the site alongside dealing with necessary first aid response when required in an emergency. Delegating tasks and roles to other team members to ensure the success of the business.