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Project 2 | OFF THE GRID | Characters and Slogan

My research showed that on average, 16-24-year-olds tend to spend at least 3 hours a day on social media, which has grown due to COVID-19. This has proved to increase signs of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and/or loneliness. With simple changes to our daily routines, we can decrease the amount we rely on social media to cure boredom or loneliness. In fact, it has shown just by acknowledging social media as a possible cause of depleting mental health, can raise awareness of the amount we use it, and asking ourselves 'WHY' we pick up our phone can help us to use it for the right reasons instead of an escape from reality.

These whimsical characters will be used to promote the hobby boxes, with their playful characteristics and clumsy demeanour, will allow people to distinguish my product from others, and to present the ideas of each of the boxes.

Project 1 | DIRTYTALK | App Interface

Back to DIRTYTALK. In this image, we decided to utilise the characters for pop-ups to show the viewer around the app, so they know where to go and what to do. We felt it created a friendlier feeling to it, instead of having users decode where to go next.

Depending on what preferences you picked when opening the app, it would coordinate the characters with your sexual preferences and the gender you identify with.

Project 1 | DIRTYTALK | App Mock Up

As you can see, this is an app mockup of our A-Z list for the information on each kink. You would get a general description of what it is you want the information on, then when you scroll down you will get to look through a 'useful tip', some 'need-to-know' information and a 'caution when doing' section.
Each section will come with a severity warning, ranked from low to high based on how dangerous each act can be, and depending on your preferences you will get different characters.

Project 1 | Characters | OFF THE GRID

These characters will be the main form of advertisement for my concept, made into animations to promote and show what each box entails. They will be short animations of only about 20 seconds long. It will include one of the characters engaging in the activity of the hobby box, then the 'OFF THE GRID' logo will appear. Showing their clumsy whimsical side and presenting the voice of the project.

To promote my concept further, there will be a pop-up campaign that allows people to pick a hobby box from any one of the doors that relate to the box inside. This campaign will go to all Universities, High Schools and Colleges to allow promotion of the product and to reach my intended audience. The website will be advertised to where anyone that didn't get a box can go and order one. All first boxes are free, to allow more incentive to try out new hobbies to get OFF THE GRID.

Project 2 | OFF THE GRID | Pattern Design

This is one of the pattern designs from the 'Sew a seed' learning to plant box for my OFF THE GRID project.

Lois Blakeman

After the research stages, I like to get all my initial ideas out on paper, even if they're terrible, they tend to inspire something better.

I see myself as a strong outgoing person and I try to reflect that in the work I do. I take a particular interest in typography and font design. It really does tie a whole project together, and if done wrong can throw off the entire mood.

Along with this, I really enjoy illustrating around my project, adding a few touches here and there really do help improve a project. I think one of my greatest strengths is taking on challenges, I'm always willing to try something new, and won't rest till it's done right.

I really felt these projects could have a potential future within the design world, and could have an impact on the way we view ourselves and others around us.

Final year project

Project 1 - 'DIRTY TALK' | Project 2 - 'OFF THE GRID'

Work Experience

For my third year of the University, I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Japan to do a study exchange between Loughborough and Joshibi University.
My experience there was crucial to my growth as a designer and illustrator. Being able to see the design from a whole new perspective, in an opposite culture, with different societal norms, enabled me to be more open to design possibilities and attitudes within multiple different cultures.