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PHASE - Adjustable, Neoprene Straps

In both configurations, the Phase can be tailored to the user's body shape and velcroed at any point along the strap. This increases support without causing the user to feel restricted.

PHASE - Multiple Configurations

With volleyball shoulder injuries ranging in a variety of places from multiple factors, PHASE provides two configurations to support and treat the pain received after games.

PHASE - Custom Cycles

Phase's twin modules allow for custom temperatures if required.

Live Projects - PALM

Palm treats primary hyperhidrosis a condition that causes users to sweat 4 times the average amount, mainly affecting their palms and soles. This embarrassing condition debilitates users and affects their lives greatly. The current treatment of iontophoresis causes temporary relief to users, but existing products have little user consideration. Palm bridges the gap between medical and consumer in a device that users can be proud to display in their homes.

PALM : Condition Management

With the app and integrated controller, Palm allows users to track their progress. Allowing for easier integration for the treatment in their lifestyle.

Lloyd Kendrick-Culbert

Passionate about solving design challenges through well-informed and aesthetically conscious solutions.

My design output consists of visual aesthetics through concept ideation, sketching and rendering. These are grounded through a strong understanding of manufacture developed during my time at VAX. I constantly question my views on design through interactions with peers, mentors, and experts in the industry, allowing me to refine my skills daily. This year I have expanded my knowledge in user experience design and plan to incorporate this in future briefs.

Final year project

Treating Acute Shoulder Pain in Competitive Volleyball Players, Caused by Overhead Movements Within a Season.

Work Experience

From July 2019 to September 2020, I worked at VAX as an Industrial Design Intern.
My daily tasks were rendering on Keyshot, producing prototypes in the workshop, and communicating manufacturing intents to the factories. Through colleagues in my design team, I was able to learn from experts in the industry giving me a greater understanding of the design world outside of University.