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Contemporary Office Space

Contextualisation. A Contemporary Parliament Office space containing designs to influence elected official’s decision making considering the need for fundamental climate change policies. Designs include Population, Ice Melting, Trawling, Consumerism, Fossil Fuels and Over Fishing.


Section of digital wallpaper as part of a series of wallpaper panels. A commentary on population growth, inspired by aerial views of a city.

Collection Line up

(left to right). Ice Melting. Bycatch, 1 layer Flock on linen, inspired by fishing nets found inside animals. Waste, 1 layer acid print on wool, inspired by waste floating in oceans. Trawling, 1 layer acid print on wool, inspired by fishing nets used to scrape the bottom of oceans. Consumerism. Fossil Fuels, 1 layer procion on linen, inspired by isobars and aerial views from maps. Over Fishing, 2 layer procion on linen, inspired by aerial views of fish farms. Farming.

Fossil Fuels, Waste and Ice Melting

Fossil Fuels and Waste on Ice Melting rug. Handmade wool rug sourced and manufactured in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Inspired by aerial images of melting ice and rivers.

Select Drawings.

Gouache on the cartridge. Drawings that have directly developed into designs. Inspiration from left to right: aerial views of melting ice and rivers, French vineyards, crop fields, deforestation in the Amazon rain forest and fish farms.

Livvy Bouch

Livvy specialises in large scale abstract print for interiors through hand rendered designs using screen printing and digital processes. She aims to design a thought-provoking collection that is aesthetically interesting and incorporates contemporary imagery whilst inherently having an impactful meaning.

‘Our imprint is now truly Global. Our impact now truly profound’ – David Attenborough

Livvy’s collection is inspired by the 'Ethos Leave No Trace' which encourages us to leave places of natural beauty how we found them. The collection Leave No Trace is a commentary on how mankind has left a trace on the world during our development into modern society and therefore tackles the issues of Climate Change, the effect we have had on the planet and consequently how mankind’s trace can leave an aesthetic but ultimately detrimental effect on the environment.

After study of aerial views and wider research into Climate Change, both natural and man-made patterns on the world’s surface, such as deforestation, large scale farming and fishing have inspired the composition, colour and abstract motifs within her designs. Using her strengths in the print room, Livvy developed the collection to involve hand-rendered motifs and created a secondary, hand-painted collection within the project. Applying her industry experience with digital design, wallpapers and some key fabric designs she has added full-colour compositions to the collection.

One of Livvy’s passions is Responsible Design in the Textile Industry, studied in her Dissertation, ‘Textile Waste: How should we be disposing of our Fashion Industry Textile Waste?’. With this in mind, Responsible Design was considered throughout and practised through the donation of fabrics, UK based fabric sourcing, local manufacture, smaller sample sizes, and decisions to use fewer materials during the project. With thanks to Camira Fabrics, Rapture and Wright, Nest Interiors and Unique Carpets and Rugs.

Final year project

Leave No Trace


’21 Diploma of Professional Studies.
2019-20 Designs sold internationally.
Exhibited and sold at Premier Vision Paris 2020 as part of Paul Vogel Design.

Work Experience

September – October 2019.
Rapture and Wright. Screen Printing Intern.
Assisting in the screen printing studio and customer service developing Livvy’s screen printing practice and interior design industry knowledge. During her placement she attended the Interior Textile industry show Decorex. Livvy was inspired by Rapture and Wright’s sustainable design ethos and practice.

November 2019 – February 2020.
Paul Vogel Design. Digital Print Designer.
As a menswear print designer, Livvy developed multiple collections which subsequently were sold internationally to Paul Vogel’s clients. Whilst interning at Paul Vogel Design Livvy attended Premier Vision Denim and Premier Vision Paris. Livvy developed her understanding of the fashion industry design and commercial processes and was thrilled to witness the selection and sale of her designs at Premiere Vision Paris.

March – June 2020.
Bay and Brown. Studio Intern.
Whilst at Bay and Brown Livvy enhanced her drawing skill, producing around 10 designs per week and worked across multiple collections in various styles. Working in ladies’ fashion Livvy developed her understanding of the industry from trend analysis, design and sales process resulting in a weekly collection.