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Lilith Yu

This artwork explores the expansion from 2D to 3D.

This artwork is evolved from the illustration of Four of Wands in the Rider-Waite Tarot deck. I explored different materials and techniques to expand this image into 3D form throughout the year, making different models in plastic, plaster and ceramic. In the end, I made the decision to use the basic form of a 2D image which is paper. I chose a specific design of origami that is repeatable as a basic unit and created this work using more than 500 units. When grouped together, this design has a sense of organic expansion and growth alongside its man-made white colour and sharp edges. It is both soft and structural, allowing me to manipulate and form it into an installation that seems to be changing and evolving on its own.

Final year project


Work Experience

August 2019 - March 2020, Placement, Guardian Auction Beijing
Helping in different areas including:
Customer service, research and catalogue editing, still-life photography, storage and restoration, pre-auction exhibitions and auctions.

July 2015 - Work Shadowing, Graphic designer, Faithbrand, China
Followed through 2 Projects with the design group on designing the logo of a Chinese music university and the packaging for a tea company.

June 2018 – Artist/Violin Player, Radar Art Project, Loughborough University
Worked as a musician and helped the leading artist Rebecca Lee to compose and practice her project “Making it up: This Moment of June”.http://www.arts.lboro.ac.uk/radar/events/event/making_it_up:_this_moment_of_june_by_rebecca_lee