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Hedrox - Modular segments

Hedrox is comprised of 12 pentagonal segments which clip together by over-moulded magnets. The satisfying clicks add a degree of magic and novelty to the product. Connecting all individual table segments and rolling the product is the way random questions for a random table 1-12 are generated. The product can withstand robust play and roll, but with a small squeeze the product can break up into segments again. (Patent Pending 2106013.2)

Hedrox - Exploded component overview

Within the product, there are 12x the components within the image for each times tables. The designed pentagonal magnet seen would be over moulded into the ABS base.

Hedrox - Multi media prototypes

Refining the mechanism and components within the product for flawless function, utilising as few components as possible for cost efficiency and viability was one of the main challenges I overcame in development.

Tacktus - Remote Touch Portal Live project

This project lasted just over a week. The brief set by Cambridge Consultants was to design a consumer product that improves wellbeing.
Topically, lack of human touch in the midst of Covid-19 was identified as a problem for many people. Isolated patients in hospitals or care homes and families at home are examples.
The concept devised was to enable remote live hand touch responses by an array of solenoids and a heated silicone surface replicating skin. Users could use the product alongside a video call on a platform such as Facetime or Skype and interact with a friend or loved one in real-time.

Dispense - Medication Management System

The Dispense Concept was a second-year Internet of Things project which focused on user centred smart medication management and delivery. The mini portable dispenser was designed for controlled medication delivery on the go. Prototyping by hand utilising no 3D printing was one of the main challenges I overcame with this ambitiously sized model.

Lewis Johnson

I am honest, polite, dependable and grounded. My design approach is hands on and practical, it was founded when making things with my Grandad in his garage

I have a meticulous, results-driven work ethic and am absolutely committed to making innovative, commercially viable products that users will genuinely enjoy and benefit from.

After my placement year with The LEGO Group, I was inspired to create a new educational product in my final year which built on all I learned.

In the future, I hope to work in team environments and learn as much as I can, building knowledge from experienced design industry professionals who are creative and driven to get the very best results.

Final year project

Mechanical Times Tables Q&A Dice for children age 6+


Diploma in Professional studies

Work Experience

LEGO® Product Design Intern CITY
Aug 2019 -July 2020
I had the pleasure of working with the LEGO Group in Billund Denmark as a Product Design intern. I worked on a number of varied new concepts with the CITY team and was given the opportunity to work on 3 real model sets, 60279, 30569 and one other. Following design briefs, collaborating with a large team, delivering on time and reaching a price point were skills I utilised and developed. My personal goals and missions truly aligned with those of the company, doing so with a creative and open mindset where "only the best is good enough".

Towers Hall Merchandise Representative
Feb 2018 - Feb 2019
My role involved the design of all official hall merchandise and related social media advertising. Attending weekly meetings with 16 other committee members, discussing and planning hall events, additionally listening and acting upon feedback from hall members by conducting regular online surveys about design options I had produced was important to me. Working directly with a supplier in a timely and professional manner was thoroughly enjoyable.

Bar Associate at JD Wetherspoon
Summer 2018 and 2019
I undertook pressured, lengthy shift work where customer service, personal presentation, manners and deadline attainment were key skills utilised for most rewarding outcomes.