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Visual Research For 'Feminine Phantasia'.

An original drawing, exploring colour interactions by hand cutting and layering.

'Feminine Phantasia'

Details of a hand-painted sample in a placement design, paired with fancy tweed fabric.

Visual Research For 'Feminine Phantasia'.

Hand-painted florals in gouache layered onto alcohol inks.

'Feminine Phantasia'

Close up of a hand-painted woven sample.

'Feminine Phantasia'

Details of a hand-painted sample in a placement design, paired with fancy tweed fabric.

Lauren Salter

Specialising in woven textiles, Lauren adopts hand-painted techniques to explore intricate relationships between pattern and illustration.

Throughout history, fashion has been used as a platform to communicate and inspire an audience; empowering people to express their own passions and ideals. 'Feminine Phantasia', is a feminist driven collection of bespoke luxury fabrics appropriate for womenswear fashion. It is a personal expression of Lauren's own imagination both as a designer and as a woman.

Fuelled by her passion for classical literature, this collection is inspired by the mystical descriptions found in Ovid's 'Metamorphoses'; an epic poem of ancient myths which are all interconnected by a common theme of transformation.

Specifically, Lauren has been captivated by Ovid's portrayal of women as soft, innocent, powerless and often virginal characters, with the inability to take control of their own emotions. Through the process of physical transformation into natural elements, these female figures are further trapped and oppressed as they lose their ability to speak, and are often described as fading away into ‘nothing’, implying that their very existence is meaningless. The oppressive nature of these metamorphoses act as a catalyst for this collection; an outlet to defy Ovid’s representations and create a range of fabrics to inspire and empower an emerging generation of women.

The fabrics in this collection are all 100% silk and are focused on high-end, luxurious, bespoke applications which embody the fundamental aspects of handcrafted processes. This project has enabled Lauren to explore specific techniques of hand painting and develop large scale designs which showcase her drawing skills together with her flare for woven design.

Final year project

Feminine Phantasia


'21 Diploma in Professional Studies
'19 Commendation Award for The Clothworkers’ Company by the Bradford Textile Society.

Work Experience

October 2019 - November 2019
Sales and Marketing Internship, Blacker Yarns.

December 2019 - March 2020
Woven Design Internship, Margo Selby.