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Audience Engagement & Shareability

Home wellies, placed at travel locations, encourage fans to share photos of how they are ditching the car and travelling more sustainably. Fans can stand in the wellies and take photos at train stations, bus shelters and pathways.

Global news coverage engages a wider audience, raising awareness of #Sport4Climate, flooding impacts on football and that action is needed. The campaign encourages and challenges fans to find alternative routes to matches, they can get involved however they like; scooter, roller-blade, bus, welly-wearing… anything goes.

The campaign passes the torch to other clubs to get involved and engage with their own fan communities, with the same goal to ditch the car and start giving climate action some welly.


This is LOCO, my final project. LOCO is an app that matches its users with local co-working spaces that are tailored to their needs. This project takes a focus on brand identity and UX design.

Want a chatty workspace today? Quiet tomorrow? Work with one other person? Two? Twenty? Bring your dog? Your car? Bike? Home office, regular office, studio? No preference? No problem.

Tailored Around You

The LOCO search feature is easy to use & designed so that all users can select the features that are most important to them. Our target audience is creative-types, whether professional or not there is a space for everyone, whether it is a home studio or a large shared office. LOCO's workspaces help our users to feel more motivated and re-energised within their working environment.

View & Book

Users can view profiles to see what fits their vibe, and their schedule, before booking quickly and easily, however long they want and whenever they like. The badges on profiles help to demonstrate the key features included in each workspace and reviews help users decide where their optimum workspace is. Users also have the ability to favourite their most-liked workspaces, this makes for quicker booking next time they use the app.


As LOCO targets creative types, we put our fun and bold brand identity into everything we do. Our tone of voice is soft and down earth, we hope to talk to our users as you would talk to a friend. Above are some examples of advertising in public transport areas, which target creative commuters in particular.

Kirsty Potter

A curious designer with a focus on creating purposeful design with a positive impact.

I’m primarily a brand designer but with a heavy dusting of UX and illustration design. The projects below demonstrate my skills in brand identity, concept-led design and UX. I like to have fun with my work and convey a lot of energy through my outcomes, which are often playful and bold. Post-graduation, I would like to work in a branding agency where I can utilise the skills I've gained during my degree & create some beautiful and meaningful brands. I have a lot of energy (creative and sociable) from a cooped up COVID-19 lifestyle, I'm a friendly northerner & I am always up for a design challenge!

Final year project

Give It Some Welly


Diploma in Professional Studies - Completing 12 months in a creative role in industry.

Work Experience

Creative Designer at Creative Cow, Manchester:
During my placement year, I worked at a multi-disciplinary design agency. Here I worked on a variety of digital and print-based design briefs such as branding, UX, editorial and book cover design. I developed my design skills significantly during this year, learning the ins & outs of Adobe XD, and user experience-led design. I also gained more of an eye for detail, whilst taking the creative lead on various smaller projects, which also involved client interaction.