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Hidden Victims Podcast Advert

For the Hidden Victims Podcast Advert, I included a story of a child who had witnessed domestic violence. This is a frame from the animation illustrating part of her story. I watched videos to teach myself how to create a realistic fire animation on Cinema 4D, and the end result was very successful, using colour to make it appear 2D. Using both after-effects and Cinema 4D together meant I was able to create a simplistic animation that included more detailed realistic elements.

Hidden Victims Podcast Advert

This is another frame from the Hidden Victims Podcast Advert. I was able to create a smashed glass effect to give a smooth transition into the next part of the animation. Once the smashed glass has disappeared, you see a number of keyholes, giving the effect of looking through to see what happens behind closed doors. Again I was able to teach myself how to create all these effects using LinkedIn Learning and YouTube videos.

Hidden Victims Podcast Advert

Another frame from the Hidden Victims animation illustrates another story of a child who witnessed domestic violence. I was able to animate my illustrations, drawn on procreate, to add more emotion to the advert, really getting the viewer to realise the tough times these children have had to go through.

Duolarm Logo

To promote the Duolarm I created this logo using the Duolingo brand mascot to encourage young adults to forget about their normal alarm and use the Duolarm instead. The brand colour of Duolingo is green, so it worked very well when it came to creating an alarm with the Duolingo assets. It is very simplistic and memorable, therefore I think it works well as the logo.

Silent Fight Animation Frame

For the RSA Moving Picture brief, I created an animation. This is a frame from that animation, highlighting we should be focused on our planet and not just jet off to Mars. The transitions I created in this animation were very smooth, using Noma Bar as my inspiration, I was able to animate one object into another creating a captivating video.

Kate Spencer

I am specialised in motion graphics using after effects and cinema 4D to create animations.

Throughout my final year, I have created a number of animations to raise awareness of an important subject or promote an app or product. I really enjoy researching these subjects and using animation as a way to elevate the message and present my findings in a simple yet captivating way. I have a lot of knowledge of different digital software in order to create the best possible outcomes. Furthermore, I aim to get a career within a creative agency focusing on motion graphics and hopefully work my way up to become an art director within the industry.

Final year project

Hidden Victims

Work Experience

I completed work experience at Tapestry, a creative media production agency. I learnt a lot about working in the creative industry, I got insights into digital advertising, colour grading and retouching which I didn't have much knowledge on before having this experience. There was a lot of new software I hadn't come across before which was a challenge at first but now has become a strength of mine as I have knowledge in a lot of different software.