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Nymphaea Hollandia

The warp was dyed very specifically in sections for this placement design cushion, inspired by water lilies and the sea.


Hand-drawn visualisation showcasing one of the collections woven samples in a hotel context.

Visual Development

Josephine used various mediums to create visual development to inform the woven samples of the collection. Initial line drawings, alcohol ink paintings and resin artworks.


This woven sample was inspired by the waves on the seashore and the colours of lavender. A hand-dyed light purple 2/30s silk was used throughout the weft to counterbalance the deep dark purple of the lambswool ground warp.

Casia Two

Joséphine MacEanruig

Josephine uses her love of the natural world with her philosophy of simplicity, minimalism and quality to create unique bespoke fabrics.

Josephine's project, Memoriae aims to evoke a feeling of nostalgia, remind people of calming and relaxing memories. She uses silk to create woven fabrics to represent these qualities in a luxury setting. Through natural elements from the seashore and symbolic flowers, she brings nostalgia and calmness to space. Using colour as the primary focal point within the designs, Josephine's planning skills and accuracy with the dye manipulation enables complexity within the warp colours.

Within the collection, Josephine has deliberately chosen to use a plain weave to enhance the colours and provide a pause in complexity, therefore enhancing her patterned designs. The idea of Ma inspired this design approach. Ma is a Japanese concept that refers to the artistic interpretation of empty space, 'It is the pure, essential void between all things'. Additionally, black weft was used throughout each design to give the fabrics the essence of elegance and luxury.

It is Josephine's wish to continue her journey connecting her underlying design philosophy with the natural world.

Final year project