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Life's Warmer Tones (Kodak)

A campaign to inspire a new generation to fall in love with films. Shot on Super 8, the commercial is about the joys of simple living. It celebrates unique serendipitous moments that are irreplaceable. I want young people to associate film photography with a sanctuary away from their intangibly digital lives.

Life's Warmer Tones

The film uses traditional means to tell a modern story. It is intimate and appeals to the audience’s desire for authenticity in a digital world consumed by misrepresentation. The film will resonate with those most in need of analogue’s refuge.

Isolation (Passion Project)

Isolation is a project informed by the events of the past year. Natural disasters have devastated the world. The pandemic has forced us to stay home. Experts have warned that it might only be the beginning. In this project, I explore what life might be like in the future.


The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Nature begins to reclaim what humans have left behind. When the lone protagonist comes across a lighthouse, he hopefully attempts to use it to find other survivors. With no luck, the man realises he is truly alone. The project reflects the isolation and our collective unease about the future.

Joe Jones

I specialise in campaign advertisement using critical insight to solve complex problems.

I’m an agile designer dedicated to finding solutions for brands that are a force for good. I’m obsessed with storytelling through a range of mediums. I have industry experience working across design disciplines. I aspire to design influential campaigns for an innovative, socially conscious creative agency.

Final year project

I'm Living | Life's Warmer Tones | Isolation


Professional Studies Diploma, Foundation Diploma: Distinction

Work Experience

Big Fish (Jul 2019 - Sep 2020)
A year of industry placement at an award-winning creative consultancy designing solutions for established brands.

ThirtyThree (Jul 2018 - Aug 2018)
A month of creative internship with an inspiring advertising agency assisting on live projects.