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Lost Space (A sneak peak of the physical exhibition)

'An Embryonic Journey'

'Cradle Me'

'It's Not Supposed To Be There'

Jestine Acebuche

From a painter progressing into an installation artist, I became immersed in the process of creating my work. I feel the physical need to express and to document the impact of human memories- recreating and reprocessing them through art.

I explore the human condition; specifically memory, deciphering my own identity and memories by looking into stories of growth, trauma, femininity, family, social systems and fathoming the subject of identity. I create environments that collate all these themes, territorial spaces which inhabit my semi-abstract memories that are interpretations of how I have processed them which include intimate narratives and personal writing or visionary of what atmosphere/ environment these memory rooms hoard in my head. I see my work as a mental depiction of the fragments that I call my identity, my perception of memories and the condition of what it is like to be human. The process of building a room to me is symbolic. I am trying to claim a space, for just a moment, to present a story that I want to show an audience. I want to create an experience for the viewer to be fully engaged in an impactful emotional environment, to capture an alienated location that expresses a need for space in the world. “Our past is situated elsewhere, and both time and place are impregnated with a sense of unreality. It is as though we sojourned in a limbo of being.” (Gaston Bachelard, 1958).

The process of deconstructing and reconstructing memories is significant in my work- this includes the alternation and the combining of different objects from different memories which relate to my installations. In preparation for installations, I use a range of media such as collage to experiment on different ways to display and provoke dislocation in my work, but these collage pieces are individual works themselves. I use projection of images and coloured lights to blur reality and unreality to put such environments into a liminal state.

Final year project

The Human Condition: Memory Accumulation