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Kit Shift: Poster Advert - 3

I aimed to ensure the campaign would intertwine with the social media seamlessly, therefore ensure I used hashtags and designs across both posters and social media platforms.

Kit Shift: Poster Advert - 4

This poster advert is shown on a billboard on the Loughborough campus in order to put it into relevant context. The purpose of using the Simpsons sporting image is to grab the students' attention using something familiar and of interest to them. It makes it more playful however looking back it may have lost some brand's consistency which is something for me to bear in mind in the future.

Kit Shift: Flyer

To ensure maximum engagement, I felt it was crucial in creating a range of different advertising formats. The purpose of creating flyers is for brand ambassadors to hand them out to fellow students to give an immediate positive connection to the brand.

A challenge I experienced with this flyer was getting a higher enough quality image.

Kit Shift: Stickers

As another advertising strategy, I created stickers to hand out in order to get the word around campus. I aimed to design them as a trendy sticker to go on students laptops or backpacks.

Jessie Disney

This project is an app to bring the Loughborough community together to provide students with affordable kit and equipment with ease and simplicity. Buying and selling second-hand items is a sustainable method which we want to encourage more of.

Like my portfolio, I am a work in progress, I am learning so much along the way. I have a great interest in sustainability in my personal life, which is something I aim to bring out within my university projects too. This recent project, ‘Kit Shift’ app explores this enthusiasm further which is something I have aimed to incorporate in future projects.

I have a particular interest in branding and marketing and have been putting this into practice through various university projects, an industrial report and taking on the role of the Loughborough Lacrosse Media Secretary where I am in charge of all social media content.

Final year project



As briefly mentioned before, I am the Loughborough Lacrosse Media Secretary. I ran for this role as I felt it would be perfect to put some of my Photoshop and Illustrator skills into practice in my final year at university. I have been part of the club for three years so felt it was an appropriate role for me as I am very familiar with the club and how the media pages have been run previously.

I am in charge of all the social media accounts for the club, and it has really helped me develop and understand ways to engage with an audience just through social media, particularly Instagram. It has helped with time management skills, ensuring I upload the correct content at the correct times and getting important information across to people inside and outside the club.

Work Experience

April 2020 Harrison & Fraser: Scheduled 4-week placement cancelled due to COVID-19.

April 2019 Silver&Co

Interiors, Architecture and Branding- Silver&Co combine these three elements within their projects. I worked with the Head of Branding, focusing on their existing projects and getting involved in their constant desire for improvements within their company.


• Designing an email footer for their own business emails. Ideas transferred into Illustrator designs.
• Research into ways to improve their website ‘about us' page. (e.g. looking at existing websites about pages).
• Introduced to a current project, a brochure to promote the building development. Added my individual thoughts on how to market the building.
• Create layouts for the brochure on Illustrator using existing content (e.g. CGIs.)
• Creating maps, infographics and symbols for the brochure using a mix between Illustrator and InDesign.

April 2018 The Completely Group

The Completely Group is a property marketing agency with a range of services. I was involved with the creative department whilst being set a range of tasks by them, by doing so, it helped strengthen my Illustrator and InDesign abilities:


• Recreate the Blackwater Shopping Park logo.
• Design/trace a map on InDesign
• Create a Brochure for the Shopping Park