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Hessian Screen Print

Naturally dyed Hessian (using blackberries). With a one layer tonal pigment screenprint. A material which helps add textural qualities into my collection.

Mono Printing

Mono printed marks created from my initial photography. These marks were created with the end of a paintbrush and the end of a wooden skewer.

Peruvian Landscape

Landscape painting achieved through applying/layering paint, using various sized palette knives.


Visualising some of my designs within an outdoor studio space.
Wet felting (Wall hanging), Linen screen prints (Sofa/Chair), Hessian screenprint (Drape), Screen printed (Wall mural)


A wet felting sample and a hand-embroidered sample made into cushions.

Jerilee Foster

Nature's textures, shapes, linear qualities and colour combinations, inspire my artwork. Incorporating mark and texture to create interior designs.

Nature is the main aspect of my projects because of its diversity. Alongside, its recent importance, to aid mental health. Living in the countryside provides me with continuous inspiration.

'Find Your Wild' is an interior print collection, inspired by my own previous wild experiences. Each design uses nature to portray various wild imagery. My ability to create textural qualities by experimenting with materials, media and techniques, plays a significant part in my own style and within this final collection. Alongside, the exploration of mark-making, which create numerous new and exciting outcomes. Most often 'happy mistakes'.

Interior print design, is where I'm hoping to progress, once I graduate as I enjoy creating designs which have a positive impact on others well-being within their home environment. Also helping to create a relaxing space with my style of artwork.

Final year project

Find Your Wild


'21 Diploma in Professional Studies

Work Experience

Dunelm - Design Intern
Sep 2019 – Dec 2019

3-month internship at Dunelm’s head office within the Design Team.
Numerous designs I created, were put forward and then released in Dunelm's 2020 Christmas collection.
Daily roles- researching, designing for rugs, gifting and downstairs textiles. Reworking artworks and creating repeats/placement prints. As well as attending team meetings and largely improving my CAD skills.

George at Asda - Design Internship
August 2019

Even though this internship was only 3 weeks long, I worked within each department (Womenswear, Childrenswear and Menswear). As well as, getting involved in footwear design.
Womenswear - Designed prints for a swimwear collection and attended trend forecasting meetings.
Childrenswear - Designed prints for a baby boys clothing collection. Helped set up and listened in with supplier meetings, regarding a new collection.
Menswear - Researched trends and created mood boards/colour boards, as the team were just starting off a new collection.
Each area gave me a quick but important view into how retail design studios are run, how the teams work together/ individually and the differences between each department.

Rapture and Wright - Intern
Jun 2019 – Aug 2019

A 10-week internship at a hand screen printing company, allowed me to further my screen printing skills.
Tasks involved; cutting samples of their screen prints to collate into fabric booklets, to put together the sample boxes they sell. Assisting with a variety of business-related day-to-day tasks. I also assisted with screen printing when required.