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Under the Crater

Crater uses a dual system of induction coils to efficiently create heat where needed. The system responds to the module on the surface, providing the user with haptic feedback. Thermocouples within the base and modules communicate to precisely regulate the temperature.


Crater features a stripped-back user interface comprised of an LED array transmitted to the surface through fibre optics. It communicates only what it needs to, adapting to the module placed above. The push-push dial disappears into the surface when it is not needed.


All crater modules are designed without permanent fixings, screws or bolts, enabling the user to easily maintain and repair their modules and form a greater relationship with the product.


Crater utilises the natural properties of mouldable refractory concrete and combines this with more conventional materials to create a hybrid assembly that is as simple as possible.

Idea Development

Ideation initially looked at a product that would alleviate certain pain points associated with making bread at home. Further development and consumer insight showed an opportunity for a broader solution that looks at how kitchen appliances could be more integrated and versatile in the future.

Jamie Ross Evans

I strive to design products which excite and create meaningful experiences.

I think of design as being the challenge to form connections between people and the objects around them. The potential to experiment through different mediums, try new approaches and utilise new technologies, to identify what’s really going to make the best product - this is what really drives me as a designer. To see more of my work, please take a look at my website.

Final year project

Crater - Redefining Our Primal Connection With Cooking


Diploma in Professional Studies 2019-2020

Mechanical Engineering, CertHE University Of Bath 2015 - 2017

Work Experience

V2 Studios, Junior Industrial Designer - 4 Months, 2020

I gained valuable experience within this fast-paced studio, having worked on a range of projects, from baby furniture to vapes, to kid’s toys. I had to learn to ideate quickly and on multiple occasions, bring a range of concepts to a high standard within a short time period. This responsibility pushed me to develop my CAD and creative thinking skills, enabling me to express my ideas to higher fidelity.

PriestmanGoode, Industrial Design Intern - 8 Months, 2019 - 20

I was involved in a range of work, including concept design for aircraft seating, branding experience, handset design, and creating visuals on a series of different projects for clients worldwide. As well as developing critical team-working skills, I was pushed to improve at using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, whilst also being introduced to Rhino.