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PHALO - Sketching

The initial stages of ideation were very diverse and varied. After completing secondary research, it was clear that this concept was going to be a lightweight headpiece.

PHALO - National Teams

Cricket is traditional, which means the aesthetic should complement the nature of the sport. It is important that the design takes visual cues from previous Cricket equipment to help players get accustomed to the product.

PHALO - Modular

The modular aspect of PHALO derived from surveys with experienced cricket players. Many players identified that they wanted different areas of the head protected. To ensure the player's protective preferences were met, the modular system was integrated into the design.

PHALO - Rear View

Cricket is very popular in Asia where temperatures can hit 45 degrees. Cut-outs have been integrated to enhance the breathability of the headgear to help regulate the bowler's temperature.

PHALO - Internals

The headgear integrates WaveCel, a collapsible cellular material that's incredibly effective at preventing head injuries caused by high-speed impacts.

James Humphries

I am an enthusiastic creative with a keen interest in sports equipment design.

Having successfully completed my undergraduate studies, I have developed my proficiency in conceptualisation, 3D modelling and design thinking. My future ambitions are to develop as an Industrial Designer and to bring my final year project PHALO to fruition.

Final year project

PHALO - A Cricket Bowler's Protective Headgear


First Place - ECB Bowlers Protective Headgear Design Competition
The England and Wales Cricket Board and MCC jointly launched the competition at the end of 2019, and judging recently took place at Lord’s Cricket Ground.

Silver Design Award - StarPack Packaging National Competition
Logoplaste Milk Bottle Reimaging Brief

Work Experience

PUMA, Teamsport Equipment Design Intern, Germany

My primary responsibilities involved the designing of sports hardware and performance footballs. I worked on a designer's manual for aerodynamic characteristics of footballs, which ensured that all future PUMA performance ball designs would follow technical principles for consistent flight trajectory. Having utilised data from scientific publications on ball aerodynamics, I formulated the optimal ball texture, panel shape and orientation.