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Simulating Rear Movement - Vertical Tilt

The magnetorheological fluid dampers allow the rider to be supported when in the saddle with a small degree of rocking. When the rider is out of the saddle, the dampers slacken off allowing the rider to sprint more naturally.

Simulating Rear Movement - Lateral Movement

When out on the road bikes not only exhibit vertical tilt, the rear of the bike also steps out with each pedal stroke when sprinting. The system is placed on a series of linear rails. This allows the rear of the bike to slide back and forth. Further allowing the bike to move in a way that mimics the natural feel of the road.

Seatbelt Adjuster - Live Project

Gender inequality in-car safety design has been an overlooked topic for a long time. Many companies have only used the standard male test dummy, meaning many seatbelt designs and layouts cut across the necks of women and children, resulting in serious injuries that could have been avoided.

Scenario Board

By having a device that can fit any car headrest, any seatbelt position can be altered to address the needs of its passengers.

Narwhal Children's Design

A range of different variations have been designed from understated colour schemes that blend in with the car to more child-friendly designs to look like different animals

James Duffy

I am a problem-solving product designer with a passion for tacking complex problems and creating products that resolve user issues

I derive a great sense of accomplishment from creating functional and manufacturable products. I take pride in carefully creating physical prototypes to prove concepts and ideas as well as meticulously designing features to enable the product to become a reality. At the heart of everything I do is a curiosity to learn and develop, taking that knowledge and applying it to a product that will make other lives easier.

Final year project

Transforming the experience of indoor bike training and racing for competitive athletes

Work Experience

I am proud to have worked for Sand & Birch Design, a design consultancy based in Italy, where I had the opportunity to collaborate with people from across the world on exciting projects. While at Sand & Birch I contributed to a wide range of projects and developed them from their inception through to advanced prototypes, meeting with clients and manufacturers to bring the design to life. My time at Sand & Birch was an invaluable experience and allowed me to develop my communication skills both linguistically and visually.