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Rafiki Social Media Activation

Playing on the name, the activation for the brand was to encourage people to share a drink with a friend, as the name 'Rafiki' translates to a friend in Swahili, the National Language of Kenya.

Chai-Lo Packaging Design

Chai-Lo is a branding project created from the common misconception of too many people calling it ‘Chai Tea’…(chai means tea!) Aiming to bring the most authentic Indian tea to those who are regular chai drinkers or wanting to try something new.

Chai-Lo Branding & Menu Designs

Chai-Lo highlights elements of Indian culture from henna and textile patterns, to the vibrant colours and flavours used in the tea, and as everyone has their own special recipe when it comes to chai, a ‘choose your own system’ exists to customise your chai and educate those who may not know what it is.

vit Packaging Design

With the busy lifestyles we lead today, we tend to push our health aside, especially young people who often rely on energy drinks or multivitamins which only provide so much support. More and more people want to look into natural products and supplements, but the current market is full of complicated words and ingredients that the average 16-25-year-olds don't understand unless educated online or by a professional. *vit* was created to resolve this problem by creating clarity within the vitamin and supplement world.

vit Packaging Design

The visual identity consists of large bold letters taken from the core ingredients which dance around the page and form patterns, to highlight the clearly labelled products named by their core function, rather than complex medical phrases. Whether you want a stronger body, a better immune system or to raise your energy to the next level, look no further and say *hey!* to a better you.

Jaanvi Haria

A graphic designer with a friendly, and enthusiastic approach to creative ideas and design tasks.

I try to focus on projects that really excite me and always allow me to grow as a designer whether that’s creative work such as social media marketing, branding or packaging design, or finding ways to celebrate my Indian culture and trying to embrace and learn about new ones.

Final year project

Find Your Perfect Patch

Work Experience

Junior Graphic Designer at ME:MO Interactive PR Agency.
During my placement year at the university, I was able to spend eleven months at Restaurant PR agency, ME:MO in London. Here I had the role of Junior Graphic Designer and worked across several different clients and projects. From my time there I have learnt an immense number of creative skills as well as non-design related skills that come with PR, such as the use of social media, content writing, photoshoot experience and client-facing tasks.

Pavan Henna at Selfridges, London.
I was employed by Pavan Henna Artist Ltd. to be a professional henna artist at Selfridges, London. I was fully immersed in a busy retail environment where I had to engage with customers and sell the products and brand to them, as well as focusing on my henna skills and keeping to a professional standard of service.