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Hand Painted Warp Stripes

The hand painting has been used to add colour accents to the linen warp threads on the loom before weaving.

Textural Sample Concentrating on Weave Structure

Colour has been minimised to highlight the different textures achieved through a three-block distortion structure in the warp.

Hand Smocked Pleats

Monofilament pleats have been hand manipulated post weaving to add movement to the piece, inspired by shapes evident in my photography and paintings.

Honeycomb Using Merino Wool

Hand-dyed merino wool has been woven in a honeycomb structure, designed for use as home accessories, the piece aims to add a cosy feel to an interior space.

Gouache Painting

Original gouache painting from my photography of petals trapped in ice.

Isobel Caine

Specialising in Woven Textiles, Isobel has a keen interest in embellishing woven pieces through the use of hand processes to add interest to the surface of the cloth.

Isobel's method of designing woven samples always begins with original photography. The aim of the photography is to capture shapes, colours and textures which can then be translated into yarn choices for sampling. These photographs inspire paintings and drawings from which a colour palette is extracted; this is then applied to hand-dyed yarn for the project. Paper weaves and yarn wraps are then used to inform colour proportions and structures for samples.

Inspired by original photography based on flower petals frozen in ice, Isobel's graduate collection Transience aims to capture a particular moment in time that is otherwise short-lived due to the decomposing nature of these natural materials.

Designed for use in home interiors, the Transience collection presents fabrics of different weights to provide a cohesive look throughout a room setting. Heavier weighted wools have been used for home accessories, to introduce warmth and comfort into space. These contrast with the ethereal nature of the linen wall hangings. The mélange and dip-dyed yarns play a large part in the collection, enabling soft colour changes throughout samples to represent the colour distortion observed when objects are trapped in ice. Monofilament and lurex add different surface qualities as well as the element of shimmer and reflection often associated with ice.

The collection blends the traditional method of weaving with both on loom and post weaving manipulations. This application of hand processes allows experimentation with pattern and structure to bring a contemporary feel whilst maintaining simplicity.

Final year project



2019 - Woven designs exhibited at Première Vision Paris
2018 - Digital Print design exhibited at Première Vision Paris

Work Experience

Dash and Miller
March-May 2020
Working with Dash and Miller as a studio intern enabled me to experience working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic. I was responsible for trend research and the subsequent presentations, this taught me the importance of communication whilst working independently and remotely. Working from these presentations I created a series of handwoven samples and recorded their supporting technical details.

J.W. Anderson
September 2019 - February 2020
As a fabric intern at J.W. Anderson, I was responsible for keeping track of orders and ensuring the database was up to date with all information. I worked closely with the print designer, editing and creating artworks as well as assisting with screen printing. I had the opportunity to work backstage during Paris Fashion Week in January 2020, leading to a greater understanding of how a show is put together. Being immersed in a fast-paced and sometimes stressful environment has taught me how to manage situations and share information effectively in an appropriate manner.

Helen Foot
August - September 2020
Working with Helen Foot as a studio intern was a valuable insight into the running of your own business and all the necessary steps needed for smooth running. I was responsible for warp and bobbin winding as well as keeping the studio organised and finishing products once they had come off the loom.