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Endometriosis Zine

Endometriosis can be a very painful condition, and therefore it can be very hard to concentrate on anything other than the pain. This results in many girls suffering in school because they can't concentrate on anything else but the pain. The above Illustration depicts this feeling by using the metaphor that it can cloud your mind.

Endometriosis Zine

Having Endometriosis can be a very draining experience and leave you feeling very tired. I wanted this illustration to depict how that tiredness may feel and how it could affect your daily routine and the things you love to do.

One of the scenes taken from my animation about the Menopause

A Scene from my Menopause Animation

Due to the myth that still exists that you won't get menopause until you are at least 55, it has left many people feeling alone and isolated from the world after experiencing it at a lot younger age. This scene taken from my animation shows someone feeling secluded from the rest of society.

Isabelle Motteram

My design approach is a mixture of Illustration, animation and editorial illustration.

Throughout this year I have developed a love for creating surreal and metaphorical landscape illustrations through the use of mixed media. I decided for my final projects to focus on Women's Health as I still feel this is very much an overlooked topic. Focusing on the misleading information that still surrounds Menopause, I decided to create an animation exploring different peoples experiences with it. It looks into their journey and how it got better by opening up and talking about these experiences to others. This animation was hand-drawn frame by frame featuring 12 frames per second. The whole animation roughly consists of 700 different frames. Although time-consuming, I thoroughly enjoyed illustrating this animation and bringing it to life. Still focusing on Women's Health, I decided to concentrate on the younger generation and look into the struggles young girls face. One of these struggles was the lack of awareness around Endometriosis. This was a challenge as I didn't want to create a factual Zine that listed the symptoms of Endometriosis. Instead, I wanted it to be very ambiguous because no one girl will have the exact same experience as another girl may have and there are many ways that it could make you feel. I think I have captured this well in my illustrations and that girls will come away from it feeling reassured, accepted and recognised.

Final year project

Women's Health