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MUTUAL | Multipacks

FORM | Curl form Discovery Kits

It is now estimated that 63% of women in the UK straighten or apply heat to their hair every single day. The conception “Sleek is sexy” has been long overdue for a rebrand. The curly hair industry is rapidly growing and amongst all the noise of curl types, porosity and the Curly Girl Method, I set myself the task to create a brand that encourages and intrigues individuals to release their naturally curly hair whereby they may have been straightening it for years. FORM is a haircare brand specifically tailored to the unsure of the curling industry. Targeted towards twenty-something-year-olds who are trying to explore their naturally curly and wavy hair without all the noise and the stigmas curly hair brings.
FORM has condensed all of the complex routines and tutorials out there whilst talking to relevant curly girl social media influencers. From this, a “CURL DISCOVERY KIT” and a “WAVE DISCOVERY KIT” have been made with simple steps and guidance for the curious curly girls out there.

FORM | App & Social

An in-app quiz will educate women on the different curl types out there such as 2A, 2B, 2C, 3A, 3B, 3C… When they receive their result, they will also receive a recommendation for a FORM discovery kit. I hope for this to remove the stigma behind embracing naturally curly hair by removing the noise and complexity of the curly routine. A simple and easy and way for people to put the straighteners away. Harnessing the power of social media, FORM aims to work closely with social media influencers across the motivational and tutorial curly hair platform. To incentivize influencers more, a branded face mask and a cheeky can of bubbly have been created to win over the target markets' Instagram feed. With the current climate and small businesses rocketing without the need for any face-to-face contact, FORM has focused its approach digitally with a presence online and contact-free delivery. The quiz and main shop presence are located on the FORM app.


I set myself a personal challenge to re-brand and build an app for MYNDUP, a virtual mental health service with qualified practitioners. This project was aimed towards the busy go getters in high-paced jobs who may not think to take time aside to discuss their mental health problems with someone external to whom they know. MYNDUP has a range of features to aid self-development to the individual because one size does not fit all. Through the app you can access information, book sessions, view meditation resources, and participate in one-to-one videocalls. The app also has daily affirmation trackers and a range of guided breathing exercises.

MYNDUP | Brand Guidelines & Social Presence

MYNDUP specializes in virtual mental health sessions with qualified practitioners. I was challenged by the company to make a corporate brand guideline book and social media presence through copy and simplistic illustrations. Working with MYNDUP, I single-handedly created their first brand book, pulling together all creative assets.

Isabella Bond

Innovative concepts and creating a change in perspective through design has always been at the forefront of my projects. With a passion for brand strategy and advertising, the limitless prospect of all design is my inspiration.

Being concise and clear in my communication has been a principal of everyday life from a young age. I would deem myself as an all-round creative enthusiast who is passionate about helping others through simplistic and concept-driven design. I hold a strong eye for effective design and continue to cultivate a variety of strong design and technical skills. I have been described as an engaging, logical, and enthusiastic individual with an optimistic and curious mindset. I am detail-oriented, collaborative and a strong conceptual thinker.

I have been taught by the approach that combines technical and semantic explorations of visual communication. This had led to my proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro and After Effects. I also have comprehensive skills in Maya, Dreamweaver, and all other Adobe Creative Suite systems.

I spent most of my university experience emerged in creative extra pursuits such as being the Videographer & Editor for the Athletic Union and Media Representative for my halls of residence two years in a row. Constantly working with others and balancing multiple projects with freelance ventures has led to a high optimism for my future career.

Final year project

MUTUAL | Hard Seltzer



Work Experience

MYNDUP | Creative Direction, Graphic Design and Videographer | February 2020 - Present

MYNDUP are a provider of virtual mental health session that aims to stop the “one size fits all” approach to mental health. Being involved with MYNDUP from the early stages of their branding and set-up, I have been working closely with the co-founder and marketing team. I single-handedly created their recent branding guideline book including the essence of the company.

I coordinated and planned a full shoot day in London to gain relevant and professional content of both video and photo. With this, I also edited all videos and flyers across the MYNDUP brand. Working with the team I consistently delivered a wide range of promotional and social material with assets that are live now.

In this role, I have conveyed that I am a confident communicator whilst working collaboratively with the entire team at regular meetings and deadlines. I have created flyers, videos, webinars, and promotional packs for clients.

Hall Media Rep | November 2017 – February 2019.

Within the university, I have been elected Falkner Eggington Hall Media Rep for two years in a row and I worked efficiently with the rest of my team to also be awarded Committee of the year and Freshers Committee of the year at the Hall Committee Awards. Highlights of being on the committee include creating all promotional material for the sports tour and two years of freshers.

Athletic Union Videographer & Editor | Through the academic year of 2019

I gained a successful application for a Videographer and Editor role within the Athletic Union. In this role, I used my filming and editing skills to create promotional materials across the 58 sports clubs. Through this voluntary position, I gained freelance videography opportunities with Speed works training coaches.