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Understanding COVID-19 Poster Design 2

This is another poster I designed to promote my Understanding COVID-19 guide website for Loughborough University students. These posters aim to make Loughborough students aware of the support and guidance the website can give to those who are unsure of how the Governments Rules apply to them during their time studying in Loughborough. The posters also display the web address needed to find the website and the different devices that can be used to gain access to the site.

Understanding COVID-19 Poster Design 3

'Taste Of' - A Canned Wine Subscription Box 2

This image is a completed render of the full subscription box I had designed. I really enjoyed working with Adobe Dimension for this project as I believe it helped me to develop my skills for branding briefs by enabling me to really visualise what the packaging I had illustrated would look like on an actual 3D prototype.

'Taste Of' - A Canned Wine Designs

My finalised can designs included an illustration that depicted parts of the culture, climate or architecture of the country the wine originated from, alongside a description on the back which expressed to the consumer the information about the product written similarly to how a travel brochure would advertise a holiday so that the design really gave the customer a holiday-like experience. I think I made this design particularly successful by creating each product packaging as uniform and simple, yet colourful and vibrant, as possible in order to promote a recognisable brand that could be easily spotted on supermarket shelves.

Creepyyeha Brand Fashion Illustration

This illustration is another piece of work I have completed that has gone on to inspire one of my current university projects about fashion illustrations and the promotion of luxury brands. In this image, I have illustrated a photograph from a fashion designer known as Creepyyeha online. In this piece, I was mainly drawing just to explore how to convey the different textures that the garment displays, and I think the most successful part is my attention to the metallic, hardware details that the model is wearing.

Isabel Madden

I am a Graphics student, from London. A majority of my projects whilst studying at Loughborough is based on UX Design, however, I also have a passion for illustration and like to incorporate drawing into my UX prototypes as much as possible.

During my time studying at Loughborough, I have really developed an interest in UX design, specifically within the realm of creating websites and app prototypes, mainly on programs such as Adobe XD. My main strengths for these type of projects is my ability to not over complicate the design and really try to produce a well researched, well functioning site that works to the users' needs. The illustration is also a very important practise to me, as prior to attending Loughborough University, I had a background in Fine Art, specifically oil painting. Throughout my time on the Graphics course, however, I have developed this previous passion of mine into discovering digital art and really focusing on using programs such as Procreate and Photoshop to evolve my illustration style as a whole. Due to this, I have tried to incorporate as much illustration as possible into all of my projects, which so far has resulted in my exploration into multiple different avenues, such as, medical illustration, children's illustration, branding illustration and even some fashion illustration. By investigating these different aspects of illustration, I have enabled my own style to progress and become rather versatile and able to cater to many different project needs.

Final year project

Understanding Covid-19

Work Experience

I have completed a week's work experience with Graphic Designers at AE Publications, where I learnt how to use a variety of different Adobe Suite programs, such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign in order to create layout designs for Educational Children's Work Books and produce appropriate illustrations to accompany content such as English Reading, Writing and Comprehension Tasks and also Maths Problems. During this time, I was also introduced to other design tools such as Wacom tablets and began learning the complete process of developing illustrations from sketching them on paper to finalising the complete, coloured, finalised digital image.