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Penguin Book Cover Design

Entry to Penguin's Student Design Awards, non-fiction category to re-design David Wallace Well's 'The Uninhabitable Earth'.
The book speaks of the current and predicted environmental destruction as a result of human negligence. The tone is urgent, encouraging readers to take action now.
I depicted the earth as trapped behind human impact, seemingly about to burst, using the aesthetics of caution tape to express the urgency of the climate crisis.

Tate Collective x Coffee Open Call

Packaging design visualisation.

Tate Collective x Coffee Open Call

My entry referenced women from all over the world uniting under Coffee by Tate, which strives to create jobs for underprivileged women.

In Sight - Interactive Campaign

In Sight is an integrated campaign proposal for a platform that hopes to increase empathy and understanding towards the hidden homeless. The campaign utilises street bollards to display the illustrated stories of real people via an interactive rotating puzzle, highlighting how one stroke of misfortune can have a domino effect on one’s situation. A QR code takes the viewer to an animation that brings one of the stories to life and reveals the real face behind the story.

In Sight - Animation

The animation uses emotive storytelling to bring the illustrated campaign to life. The voice and the face behind the story are revealed, making the issue much harder to ignore.

Link to full animation: https://youtu.be/Vh5vOQJHeK8

Indigo Price

I am a multidisciplinary designer with an interest in design for social change.

I enjoy working across a range of mediums to create playful and thought-provoking designs. I am particularly interested in how graphic communication can be used as an agent for positive social and environmental change, and I am excited to pursue this in live projects going forwards!

Final year project

Legacy of Tomorrow / Penguin Book Cover Design / Tate x Coffee Open Call / In Sight

Work Experience

I undertook a placement in China working as a Junior Designer for the Jupiter Museum of Art, Shenzhen. Our small design team had only three months to create the visual identity for the contemporary art gallery, which opened its doors in December '19. Alongside all of the insights into a completely new culture, I learnt to work collaboratively on large editorial tasks whilst juggling personal merchandise design tasks; T-shits, tote bags, membership cards and cups.

My second placement was a Junior Design role at Debenhams, allowing me to see the inner working of a large-scale company. I worked across an array of digital design tasks for the website, social media, and online editorial articles. The arrival of the pandemic depleted our team, giving me the valuable insight of communicating directly with the creative director whilst picking up more senior responsibilities.