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Where the Scars Will Lie

Body or Soul?



How many Tumours?

India Steggall

A diverse multi-media artist with a particular passion for painting. My Fine Art career has seen my focus change from material experimentation and activism art to a personal documentation of health.

My work reflects my personal experience with illness - more specifically the fragility of the body. Through my work, I am attempting to evoke a range of emotions within the audience and promote the idea of not judging somebody based upon what they see at surface level. Furthermore, my overriding aim is to bring awareness to the message of 'body fragility' through my varied artwork and techniques.

In terms of my skill set, I have been able to refine my self-portraiture work, as well as experimenting with a variety of new techniques and equipment. Overall, I feel that I have either learnt and enhanced a host of techniques, whilst utilising the vast resources at Loughborough University - both inside and outside the Fine Art Department. With special thanks to the Ergonomics centre and the Design Body Scanner team who gave me the opportunity to work with very expensive equipment in their spare time.

I feel as though the next chapter of my life after graduating will have many possibilities due to the range of skills that I have learnt during my degree. My career aims are within event design, management and marketing after working alongside my degree in events and decoration.

I hope to continue with my artwork in my spare time, through commission work and in my day-to-day work also.

Final year project

The Under-represented Fragility of The Body