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Spiritual Collage

This is a collage made of photocopies of old medical textbook's illustrations to keep with the macabre theme. It was the inspiration for my later stop motion videos I made using the same photocopies, bringing this scene to life, with the angel coming down as the human reaches up.

Experimental Collage

This was one of my original collages, made using photocopied medical illustrations and a clipping from a vintage magazine. I didn't like the pop art style for this project but out of the context of the project, I find it to be a very interesting piece. With the contrast of the smiling faces to the bones and internal organs, it almost gives the scene a sinister overtone as they appear to be normal people but when you look closer you can see all the disturbing details.

Rag Doll

This is a doll I later animated, but the video is not shown in this portfolio, the video shows the doll climbing out of the very pile of scraps it's made of, which emits the theme of rebirth and new beginnings. Albeit, it seems like juxtaposition as this crudely sewn rag doll with a smiling face shows scenes of such deep meaning. It is cumulated of scrap pieces of fabric I had leftover from a deconstructed dress. I wanted to give the fabric new life and personality furthering the theme of rebirth.


The face of this doll was inspired by the classic style of vintage porcelain dolls, it is made of clay and painted on with acrylic paint. I was originally planning to animate it but I decided against it as it seemed to work more as a static piece. The dress on the doll is made of the same piece of deconstructed dress as the rag doll.


This is a photograph from my project 'Surfaces' in which I chose the subject skin. This is a picture of a back with stretch marks that I painted blue as a homage to Yves Klein and his performance pieces, where women would cover themselves in paint and press against a canvas to create the abstracted female forms. I tried to make this photo come across as abstract and inhuman, merely a snapshot of a surface.

India Flowers

In my art, I like to look at a variation of artists to influence my work hence the amount of divergency in my mediums and style.

Over the course of Part 2 and 3 in art foundation, I have slowly started to realise that my speciality lies in Stop-Motion Film Making. However, this hasn't stopped me from practising other methods different from stop motion, such as waxwork, ceramics, collage, painting, photography and sewing etc. This art foundation has taught me to not limit myself in my mediums, especially when experimenting at the beginning of projects; it has taught me to think bigger than my sketchbook, aesthetics and marking schemes. Slowly I began to refine these skills as I started creating more sophisticated outcomes towards my final piece. Though next year I am planning on doing History of Art, which is purely theoretical, this foundation course has given me a new invigoration to study artists and their methods next year. I will continue to make art as a hobby for the time being; until I eventually decided what I want to do post my B.A.

Final year project