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Prevalent Endurance.

From a hand rendered sketch to a scaled up rose design screen printed onto silk, draped onto the human form. Red roses symbolise prevalent and enduring love, and my dad’s love is a rose.


Reminiscence is screen printed on an upcycled pashmina silk wool blend scarf. Signature handwriting of floral motifs inspired by a combination Herbarium research and traditional batik from Malaysia.

Captured Memories

Captured Memories is a two-layer screen print on hand-dyed jersey fabric. Techniques created dual-toned textures, embodying a sense of vintage photographic effects played onto the surface.

We Love The Love That Was More Than Love

This photographic print was digitally developed from personal experimentation and the study of flower book pressing.

Woven Sentiments.

Woven Sentiments is a signature digital repeat print encapsulating the essence of communicating the woven aspect of Malaysian's rattan baskets along with experimental textures from Itajime Shibori Technique.

Ina Hiew

Beauty never dies, like energy, it merely transforms. When a flower slowly loses its life, it stays beautiful in terms of form and structure. The colouration and drying textures grasp at the fading life of our loved ones who have passed on; lost but never forgotten. The concept of preserving flowers through book pressing and air drying is to portray living memory that has been left behind from lost loved ones. My collection is a personal tribute to my late father who has passed away from cancer. It is the 10th year since he has passed and the heart of the collection aims to reconnect and engage the viewers of the essence of their loved one who has passed on. To comfort, to reminisce, fondly and proudly even if they are not physically there. The fabrics within this Autumn/Winter 2023 fashion print collection are composed of light weight fabrics, jersey knits, silks and wool for the season. Itajime Shibori techniques with juxtaposed elements of rattan patterns are used to create checked textures. An array of layering VAT techniques through screen printing creates a sense of nostalgia of old times spent with loved ones. Large statement prints to intricate sister prints are also developed and digitally printed onto a selection of natural fabrics. These prints have been designed not only for a fashion line up but also for a variety of accessories such as scarfs and bags.

Ina is a printed textile student who aims to express nostalgic moods and personal vulnerabilities of the natural world through her storytelling. She explores a mix of Itajime Shibori and free hand rendered sketching techniques, combined with digital and photographic manipulation to create print surfaces that reflect themes of juxtaposition and layering methods ; suitable for a luxury high-street womenswear application. Her work ethic aims to create fashion textiles that comforts both physically and emotionally, alongside the use of trendy colours and attention to surface pattern details on a wide variety of textured fabrics.

Final year project

Preserve. 保留 A/W 2023 Collection


Exhibiting Textile Artist for Charnwood Arts Exhibition 2018
Designs sold online and in store at Self-Portrait London in 2020
Designs sold online and in store at Fashion Valet KL in 2020

Work Experience

Freelance Graphic Designer for Fashion Valet, KL
I've had an opportunity to collaborate with the design team to create a set of placement prints in different colour ways and scales for their anniversary 2020 collection which were sold in stores and on their website. I've learnt communication skills, being able to draft and finalised prints at different stages and liaising with the design team overseas.

Print Designer Intern with U.P Enterprises. Ltd
Working with U.P Enterprises in a fast-paced environment, Ina has learnt to manage multiple deadlines and cope with different print developments for clients and constant liaising with the production team. During this time, she has gained valuable lessons in terms of time management, ensuring final print designs from clients are met in the high street fashion industry, and enhancing her drawing and digital skills alongside teamwork.

Design Intern with Self-Portrait
This work experience has helped Ina understand the textile industry, especially in the luxury fashion market. She was given roles that came with challenges, pushing her to adapt and engage in new tasks such as facing pressures of developing designs at a fast pace to the stresses of meeting crucial deadlines for New York Fashion Week.
She have enhanced her CAD skills even more with responsibilities to assist on designing and developing across all products from graphic prints and laces to garments and swimwear. Lastly, she has learnt to be very communicative especially working alongside the creative director and head designers to ensure design developments can be progressed to the company's vision. It was during this employment that she had to meet strict deadlines and work with teams of diverse people.