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Sample Digital Design

This is a sample design where I have used radial blur to develop a diffraction form, the dots represent the dashes of the DNA X-Ray pattern.

Original Photography

This is an example of my photography for the project, it is done through light diffraction when in contact with a coil. This represents the DNA coil sample that would be used and taken to X-Ray to create the DNA diffraction pattern.

Digital Embroidery- Second Skin Diffraction

This is a digital embroidery sample of diffraction dots in a structure, when stitched out on stretchy fabric it causes the material and the design to manipulate and stretch in certain areas. This design is made to be tight to the body and act as a second skin.

Imogen Moore

I am an Integrated Digital Practice student. My work is inspired by technology, science and urban design, I produce textiles that focus on topical issues with a conceptual purpose to create innovative, bold and geometric designs.

My designs derive from social concepts and aim to benefit society. Whilst at Loughborough, I have explored topics such as the impact of social media and technology on Generation Z, how fashion is challenged by gender nonconformity and how innovation in genetic coding and DNA has benefitted medical knowledge.

DNA Diffraction is a future-forward project that links DNA genetic code and Rosalind Franklin’s work in DNA X-Ray diffraction with health benefits. The outcome is a theoretical technological fashion garment that tracks the body’s health and interacts with DNA/genetic code to reduce illness and the spread of viruses.

Adobe digital software has allowed me to create patterns that are futuristic and inspired by scientific structures. I enjoy working digitally through software, embroidery and laser which allow me to enhance my designs whilst experimenting with new processes and learning new skills.

My strengths are my ability to undertake comprehensive research and translate this into innovative concepts of textile design, which focus on bold geometric patterns and draw inspiration from human endeavour in sciences, technology and the built environment. I seek to link textile design to push the boundaries in areas such as improving wellness, body positivity, gender non-conformity and sustainability.

Final year project

DNA Diffraction


My work was chosen to appear at Premier Version Paris for Loughborough University in February 2020.

Work Experience

Work Experience at Jane Clayton and Company in the summer of 2017. During this time, I had the opportunity to follow a brief and plan the interior design of a house. This involved sourcing furnishings, developing professional mood boards for each room, selecting materials and wallpaper designs and using new software to size furnishings into a floor plan.