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Under Construction

Using a photograph, I layered some digital drawing using patchwork on top and drew needles injecting into her with the title Under Construction to portray the effects the beauty standards have on young women, drawing them to cosmetic surgery. Darkening the image was made to reflect the girl hiding her real self in the shadows and the lightening parts that have been enhanced by the needles is to show the confidence that gives her to show her face. This is one of my favourite outcomes of the project as I think it's raw and emotional and really resembles and speaks to my subject matter.

Who Do You See in The Mirror?

Placing a digital drawing I did of my model with a shocked expression in a mirror, showing her emotion towards her own reflection and the person she has become. I used a Warhol inspired style in the background but in black and white to project the repetitive nature of social media and beauty standards with a lack of individuality or originality that is shown to young women. This drawing was a challenge, very time consuming and took a while to get it how I wanted it but I was very pleased with the colours I used, the placement and the typography which is slightly more subtle but recognisable.

Scrapbook Collage

When I started my project, I wanted to make my final piece a collage but as it developed further I leant more towards more minimal digital edits. This scrapbook-style collage was where some of the ideas started, drawing and sticking on a page really helped get my ideas onto paper and refine where I wanted to move towards. This is a whole collection of imagery which I felt represented my project and I moved on from this, pulling different elements to develop my ideas.

Lost in Translation

A preliminary experiment with hand-drawn typography, using different quotes and statements relating to my project subject, I then placed my digital drawing on top of this to show the shock some people feel when they see the beauty standards of today's age. I did however feel that this was not where I wanted my project to go snd felt it was too busy and disjointed to properly represent my theme.

Immy Campbell

An insight into the vulnerability behind the standard of beauty held in our society.

A view into the emotion and expectation that follows the beauty standards upheld by society for millennial women. For this project, I have taken a series of staged and raw images to reflect the emotion behind this issue. I have experimented with digital drawings, collage work, typography and digital editing. I have used the colours and different styles to reflect the emotion behind these standards and the vulnerability of being in your own skin. The editing helped to create a facade that is a reflection of the image that can be created using social media today.

Final year project

Fearlessly Authentic