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Bear Study

I did sketches of bears in order to help me understand the form and shape of bears and their postures and movement. This study helped me with character design and animating the movement of Otso in the animation.

Baby Otso

This is a part of the character design I did for 'Origin of Otso', which is also used in some scenes in the animation.

Change - Getting on Train

This is another animation project I did this year. The name of the project is 'Change', this is a project based on my personal experience of studying in the UK as an international student. From the excitement of moving to a new country to the challenges faced and finally ending with how the character has adapted to the new life and has changed.

Change - Train Scene

This is a part of the project 'Change'. I have designed the characters as genderless and having no specific features so that everyone can substitute themselves in.

Change - Storyboard Example

Icy Chan

I am an illustrator and animator who loves to see drawings coming to life.

I enjoy making illustrations and tell stories through images. I also love to see them coming to life through animating them. For my final year projects, I have focused mainly on storytelling through animation. I have enjoyed the planning stages such as character designs and creating concept arts. The making of the animation on my own was difficult and I faced several challenges such as technical issues with the program, but seeing the outcome makes me feel more confident about the skills I have and makes me want to continue making animation.

Final year project

Origin of Otso

Work Experience

I did an internship at Paradox HK Limited in July-August 2019.
- I have taken part in multiple projects such as branding, event promotion and advertising.
- I have learnt to source and analyse information at the primary stage of projects and how to organise the information and pitch ideas to clients.
- I have also taken part in the design process in multiple projects and overseen some of the productions of projects that have started before I joined.