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The layering of manipulated materials

Exploration with Scanography of my manipulated materials to create a sense of 'Out of focus' / movement by moving my materials around on the photocopier screen. The combination of colours and textures of materials can be seen clearly throughout.

More Scanography experimentations

After developing my theme of braille through drawing with continuous line drawings using a combination of media such as oil pastels and wax crayons. I then printed my braille designs out on various surfaces such as acetate which allowed me to layer my design to enhance the braille theme and convey my strong selected colour palette.

Selected image from my Table top Exhibition part way through my Final Major Project

Holly Quilliam

I'm a student currently studying Textiles and Fashion specialism on the lboro Foundation course, exploring creative techniques and manipulating various materials.

My Final Major Project is based around the idea of visual impairment and creating a sense of touch/texture symbolising the language of braille which is used to signify a visual language. I have explored various techniques ranging from Scanography, Free machining, Natural dyeing and specific embroidery techniques such as 'French Knots' which worked effectively to create a 3D sense of touch whilst resembling braille. I feel my skills particularly lie here with my wide experimentation and detailed photography. Furthermore, I chose to explore this theme as my Final Major Project due to my interest in texture and manipulation of fabrics, which I also can't wait to explore in my degree next year.

Final year project

Out of Focus