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Data extracted from ephemeral recordings plotted with creative java script code.


Analogue methods of development, drawing from the visuals of sound.


Repeated shapes within manipulated data inform the immersive fly through perspectives.


Subjective mapping compositions. Digital renders become the ‘fabric’ of the landscape.

Henrietta Wylie

A transdisciplinary designer, demonstrating that traditional textiles, surface design techniques and processes have a place in the new digital age.

As we head into a repetitive digital age, a need for nature to improve our wellbeing is required more than ever. Ephemerality utilises digital technologies to create a new data-informed natural world, experienced through virtual reality.

Ephemeral elements are transitory such as seasonal or weather changes; it is the unanticipated ephemera that arrests our attention. Technology becomes negative when the mind is not engaged, natural ephemera re-engages the mind, improving wellbeing.

Here ephemeral elements have been captured as sound from the Somerset Mendips. Locations specifically selected for their role in elevating my own wellbeing.

By abstracting data from these recordings and manipulating them with code and 3D software, the aesthetic fabric of each landscape is formed with the sounds themselves determining movement. For those unable to access the natural environment, digitalization affords an opportunity for escapism. By constructing continuous loops, the user can escape for as long as they wish.

As technologies push the frontiers of traditional textile design, I am eager to contribute to and be part of these innovative developments and always determined to ensure the enhancement of wellbeing is intrinsic to everything I create.

Final year project