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Heather Crowte


Heather Crowte

My practice examines how the human experience has shifted due to the digital age and the consequences of this on our mental and physical wellbeing.

In modern life, distractions are everywhere, and it is easy to not prioritise the health and happiness of our body and mind. The sense of sight dominates how we experience the now digital world, producing a sensory imbalance that can make us feel dissatisfied and detached. Through my work, I investigate sensory awareness as a method of reconnection with ourselves.

Working in an interdisciplinary manner has enabled me to explore the portrayal of the senses expansively and through unexpected mediums. From drawing to printmaking and film experiments, I display a layered sensory experience to enrich the perception of our surroundings beyond the screen. I find inspiration in artists who hold surface, space and atmosphere as key artistic concerns, with examples being Ernesto Neto, Milena Naef, and Christian Schad.

As being reflective is significant in my project, exploring the creative process and in-depth material investigation was crucial. This has encouraged me to be more considerate of my feelings, and how they translate into the work I produce. I hope that through my artwork the viewer would seek out multisensory experiences to actively engage themselves emotionally and physically.

Final year project

Reconnection between body and mind