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Smart Mirror Cabinet: Body Storming

Numerous prototypes were developed to understand the dimensions of the cabinet and ease of use.

Smart Mirror Cabinet: Prototyping the Dispenser

The electro-mechanical prototype was created for the dispensing mechanism and was tested with medicines of different sizes.

Live Project: Gender Neutral VR Headset

Today, all the major VR headsets are designed by taking male ergonomic measurements into consideration. A large number of women experience neck pain and virtual motion sickness, i.e cybersickness when using VR headsets. As part of the Layer design brief, I designed an inclusive VR headset suitable for everyone.

Live Project: Gender Neutral VR Headset

The headset has a distributed load to keep the head balanced and upright, avoiding harmful conditions such as Text Neck. The design provides greater freedom of adjustment and has a wider intra-pupillary distance range, which is the main cause of cybersickness.

Harshita Srivastava

When approaching a design brief, I like to undertake in depth research to create a strong foundation in the beginning of the design process.

I am always aiming to create impactful, user-centric, and business-centric solutions to problems. I have an affinity for user experience, digital product design, and embedded systems and hope to work in the realm of IoT and UX.

Final year project

Smart Mirror Cabinet for Hypertensive Patients


Winner of Best Prototype Award- Loughborough University x HKU MBA Lab UXathon 2020

Work Experience

I spent the first half of my placement as a Design Engineer at Maruti Suzuki, an automobile manufacturer. During my time there, I did in-depth benchmarking of the interior lights provided in competitor cars in India. I researched how the lighting affects the user experience of driving a car and the brand perception it creates. Finally, I developed a readily implementable interior lighting solution that required a minimum increase in costs and stacked well against competitor OEMs.

I worked as a UI/UX Designer at HPE for about 9 months, for the second half of my placement year. Being the only designer in a development team, I lead the design and UX aspects of all projects I was involved in. I also gained experience in making Agile project plans and setting design requirements with the customer. For my projects, I conducted user research, generated user flows, wireframes, mockups, and worked with developers to bring those designs to life. Designed for web, mobile, and AR.