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Hannah Sarah Day

Contemporary Multi-Disciplinary Artist

‘I attain a different kind of beauty, achieve a symmetry by means of infinite discords; showing all the traces of the mind’s passage through the world; achieve in the end, some kind of whole made of shivering fragments; to me this seems the natural process; the flight of the mind...’

Virginia Woolf.


My professional practice is the documentation of fragmentary moments of experience. Experiences that resist verbal representation; nuanced moments of ‘between spaces’ that build complicated patterns that define who we are and how we come to be.

My artworks depict a visual language of these moments through multimodal pictorial-conceptual puzzles by the design of fragmentary figurations; configured through photography, film, text and installation. These configurations form an open narrative analysing the complexities of the development of the Self; particularly drawing attention to the parent-child relationship and its transference into intimate adult relations.

These configurations are underpinned by my most intimate and confessional autobiographical accounts. I uncover the subtleties of these relationships using repeated motifs within the materialistic mappings that draw a silent encounter between each associative configuration. Film, photography, text and installation tease out the interwoven patterns through a dislocated narrative, drawing heavily on the absence of things, the lost associations between objects, and the separation one can feel from one’s own self.

Figuration is a living map, a transformative account of the self. My artworks derive from the relationship between psychoanalysis and art, with the intention to allow the viewer a window to what may have been previously unconscious or unrecognised. History repeats itself and cleaning up trouble remains necessary in every generation. My intention is to enable the viewer to inhibit both analyst and analysand when deciphering the materialistic mappings of each conceptual figuration, allowing them to (re)(con)figure you.

Final year project

Transference: A Journal of Attachments


- Associate in the New Midland Group development Programme (2021)
- Cover Artist for the National Publication of No Jobs In the Arts #5 (2021)
- Assistant curator to British Council Venice Fellow Jordan Page in Interesting Times in Venice, London.
- Metropolitan University, London (2020)- ACS Materials Prize Award (2020)
- Performer in the Lithuanian Pavilion’s Sun and Sea (Marina), Venice Biennale (2019)
- Featured on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour (2019) - Subsequent nomination for the Mind Awards (2019)
- Exhibited and curated exhibition for FORMAT international photography festival, Derby (2019)
- Awarded SANE’s Creative Arts Scheme (2019)

Work Experience

Junior Art Director
Wander Studio Ltd
Jan 2016 – Oct 2017 // 1 yr 10 mos
Leicester, London. United Kingdom.

A commercial, documentary and online film studio based in London and Leicester. Wander believed that everybody had a great story to tell and we helped clients find and own their voice; offering them a platform from which to share their story, to find new audiences and define their brand. At Wander, I supported and collaborated with some of the world’s biggest and brightest brands, helping them communicate and connect with customers through moving image and original ideas.

Projects include: Erased Tapes Records, Agency Four and University of Surrey.

Internship with Barbican Young Poets
Barbican Centre
Oct 2014 – Mar 2015 // 6 mos
London, United Kingdom.

Assisting and supporting the direction of internationally renowned poet and performer Jacob Sam-La Rose on the The Barbican Young Poets programme. The program is for writers who have something to say and are in search for a new way to say it, feeding and challenging the production of new and exciting work. My role facilitated in the provisions of spaces and contexts for young poets to access guest facilitators and artists who help them develop different aspects of writing and performance work.

Creative Assistant
Mar 2013 – Dec 2014 // 1 yr 10 mos
London, United Kingdom.

Working within Mind's Portugal Prints creative department promoting positive mental health and wellbeing through the creative arts, work experience and learning. Working within Wandsworth and Westminster Minds' network of high quality services offering holistic support programs in: creative arts workshops, therapeutic groups, key working, commercial work experience, training and volunteering opportunities. My role within Portugal Prints was to promote recovery by enabling people who experience mental health issues to overcome barriers, fulfil their potential and feel part of the wider community.