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Geneue Saddle Exploded View

This image shows the exploded view of the saddle, detailed above. The inflatable bladders are represented in red which ensures the product is adjustable for both horse and rider. The cantilever style tree also reduces the impact on the horses back through the double-layer design.

Geneue; a new generation saddle solution.

Geneue Saddle Bladder Inflating and Deflating

Showing the impact of the inflatable bladders acting down the horse's spine for maximum comfort and adjustability.

Geneue Saddle Scenario Board

Quick storyboard for the context of use for Geneue saddle.


Heat and massage pad that I designed on placement, from initial sketch ideation through to commercial production. This was my first real insight into the entire design and development process which I was able to oversee all the way to pre-production samples which were very exciting! I worked on updating the form and including the heat and massage elements as specified by the Equilibrium team. I resolved the electronics designing all graphics for the product too. This project also gave me vast experience working with suppliers and communicating with overseas manufacturers.

Hare Commission Illustrations

I also work as a freelance artist and designer to sustain myself. These are continuous line drawing illustrations which I have recently used as a print too!

Hannah Mitzi Fielding

I am Hannah; a soon to be graduate in Product Design and Technology (BSc). My goal as a designer is to combine my interest in sustainability, and design for a sustainable future, with my love for art to product beautiful, functional and sustainable products.

My work offers a multi-disciplinary approach to problem-solving and design thinking. Having studied fine art A-Level, I have been able to hone a variety of skills for visual communication (including sketching, sculpture/modelling and paint exploration) that allow fast, high energy concept exploration. I thoroughly enjoy combining my background in fine art with the design skills I have acquired and refined throughout my degree to achieve highly resolved design solutions that fulfil real user needs.

I am particularly proud of the commercial product - HotSpot, heat and massage mitt for horse rehabilitation - I designed whilst on placement with equestrian firm, Equilibrium Products, which is now available to buy...and receiving rave reviews from a wide customer base!

Aside from my degree, I love everything outdoors - mainly horses and mountaineering. I am an avid sea kayaker and take any opportunity for a physical challenge, having climbed Kilimanjaro aged 16 followed by London to Paris Bike Ride, Cycling Nottingham to Amsterdam and C2C. I love to get out in the mountains and am looking forward to my upcoming Mountain Leader training expedition.

Final year project

Equine Rehabilitation Aid; EquiFlex

Work Experience

I completed a placement year (2019-2020) with Equilibrium Products Ltd. - a highly respected brand within the equestrian industry endorsed by international and Olympic riders such as William Fox-Pitt, Ben Hobday and Charlotte Dujardin. During my placement, I was able to apply a variety of skills learnt through my experience at Loughborough, to real-life problems and briefs. Although well established, the brand is fairly small (only 7-15 employees) resulting in the opportunity for me to take on significant responsibilities. I worked on a variety of products - from impact protection to electronic rehabilitation products - throughout my placement allowing me to take part in multiple stages of product development and production giving me vast experience in project management. This spread across a variety of design disciplines including initial ideation and sketches, CAD drawings, pattern design and manufacture (textiles), rendering, presentations, low-fidelity prototyping.