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More Than Pharaohs Campaign

A common theme in the upcoming Egyptian generation is that they are embarrassed about their culture, without fully understanding what it has to offer. More than pharaohs is a campaign that empowers and educated Egyptians about their culture beyond ancient Egypt.

More Than Pharaohs Instagram

The More Than Pharaohs Instagram is intended to bring Egyptians together to educate and empower them. It also includes invitations to the More Than Pharaohs event. The event includes pop-ups where different aspects of Egyptian culture are presented and celebrated.

Beej. - Brand

Beej is a sustainable skincare brand from ingredients to packaging. Beej skincare products use mango butter, derived from the mango seed which is a waste product from the juice industry.

Beej. - Packaging

Mango butter includes several vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-ageing properties which allows the Beej moisturizer to combine the benefits of almost 7 products into one. This reduces the waste of seven other bottles, and the time it takes to complete a skincare routine. Making Beej perfect for women with busy lifestyles.

Hana ElMokadem

I am a keen designer that loves to create projects about important topics, and I am always open to learning new things.

In my work I always find myself creating projects that revolve around important issues. For example, I have created projects on sustainability, taboo topics, and celebrating culture. With each project, I focus on using the appropriate outcome to solve the design problem, but I enjoy and would like to go into branding, packaging, and marketing.

Being Egyptian is a big part of me, and I try to create projects that allow me to learn more about my culture, and other cultures as well. Additionally, as mentioned before I love learning. So, projects surrounding any topic will allow me to dive into the research, learn more, and create something impactful.

Final year project

The Menopause Talk

Work Experience

Graphic design Intern - GMT Agency in Cairo
June – August 2019
During my internship, I created both print and digital designs for several brands including Novotel Hotels Egypt, Lucky Tours and Wardjan. Additionally, I was part of the rebranding team of Tolip group Hotels.