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Arthropop - Promotion

The first part of the brand activation and promotion constitutes guerrilla marketing and environmental graphics. The brand was given a witty yet sincere tone of voice in order to portray entomophagy as a less daunting and safe option to the audience.

Arthropop Flavour 2

The brand offers three flavoured variations. Each variation targets a specific health need, such as mental focus, physical vitality and balance. Each need further reflects the attributes of each insect depicted.
For example, ants are known for their determination and focus, whereas crickets and grasshoppers are recognised for their physical vitality.

Arthropop - Brand Activation

The brand launch would be mainly led by the “Get That Buzz” campaign, alluding to the auditory characteristic of insects as well as the brand's buzzing personality. Interactive billboards would be installed at bus stops and on the streets, where individuals could benefit from a free energising massage when leaning on the screen.

Floe - App Design

In order to access the free water service offered by the brand, users may download the Floe App, where nearby free water spots can easily be located. In addition, by scanning the individual pattern found on each flask, the user may also access data regarding their daily water consumption and their impact on climate change, measured in the amount of CO2 saved as a result of not purchasing regular bottled water.

Floe - Water Refill Station

The Floe free water refill stations would be placed in public environments such as underground stations, airports, supermarkets and adhering restaurants and bars. In order to access the free water service, users would need to purchase the Floe flask.

Giulia Michela Zucco

I am passionate about brand identity design, brand strategy and information design.

My work largely consists of branding and visual identity projects ideated in response to existing problems in society today. I love to create bold design solutions that merge clean visuals, typography and interesting concepts. I chose to undertake these projects as I enjoy the problem-solving and functional side of graphic communication and its potential to drive behaviour and shift perceptions in different contexts. Through the development of my projects, I gained essential skills in software like Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign, as well as knowledge of brand strategy, brand activation, research methods and target audiences. This has greatly matured my interest in branding and visual identity, and will hopefully lead me to pursue graphic designer roles with branding and design agencies.

Final year project

Arthropop Insect Soda - BrandOpus Chrysalis Award