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Peelie Bin - Form

The proposed design features a new way of removing the liquid byproduct from the bin. The bin should be odourless and produce quality compost in just 21 days. Peelie Bin is simple to clean. The exterior handles include a rubber grip making Peelie Bin easy to transport around the home. An all in one easy solution to disposing of all food waste in the home. Turn your Wheelie bin into your Peelie Bin.

Peelie Bin - Details

The inner Composting container rests on top of strain gages. A Bluetooth module is also in this part of the Peelie Bin. When the Peelie Bin is full it will communicate to the user via Bluetooth and the Peelie Bin App that the composting container is ready for collection. Whilst one Peelie internal bin is full another can be filled up and the cycle goes on.

Product Exploration Sketches of Peelie Bin

Early concept hand sketches.

Georgina Needham

A hardworking and motivated Industrial Designer who has predominantly been working on projects with a sustainable design focus.

My perspective of design has progressed significantly over the past few years. I have become proficient in multiple appliances including the adobe suite (Photoshop, InDesign & Illustrator). I have also gained technical skills through Solidworks (CAD). Also, in regards to rendering programs such as Keyshot and Solidworks Visualiser have enabled me to produce visuals for my current projects and bring them to life. Digital platforms are becoming increasingly popular as they allow us to share ideas quickly and efficiently with fellow designers. Working both in an individual and a cohesive team environment has developed teambuilding and confidence skills which bring a focused and positive work ethic. Collaboration work has been highly important for sharing creativity and boosting presentation skills.

My greatest strength would be the use of the Adobe Suite which has become essential to my working day. Additionally, I am proficient in sketching both digitally (through the use of Sketch-up) and by hand.

My Career aims are to broaden my cultural experiences, meet new people and further expand my knowledge of the world to additionally enhance my creativity. I hope to go into the retail design or interior design field in the future. I have a genuine passion for design and have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Loughborough Design School and am excited to see what is in store for me next.

Final year project

Promoting the Sustainable Disposal of All Food Waste in Urban Homes: Decreasing Landfill by Utilising Organic Waste.


'21 Diploma in Professional Studies

Work Experience

White Bear Products Ltd. (Oct 2019 - Sept 2020)
Design Technician specialising in interior office design.
Managed projects for key clients such as Deliveroo, taking a largely cross-functional role sitting between the sales, accounts, and the design team.

The One Off Company (July 2019)
Contributed retail design ideas with designers in the 3D team on a Nike initiative area campaign involving mood boards, sketching, 3D modelling and presentation.