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Selection of Embroidered Patches

In this project, I embroidered a series of my allegorical drawings. Each drawing contains a mythological narrative, so I used embroidery because of the historic link tapestry has to storytelling. Each narrative revolves around a particular concept and subsequently, each patch functions as a kind of protective rune.

Detail of Shroud

This is a detail from my final project which is an embroidered shroud. All the symbols within this work belong to my pre-established system of coded iconography. This section contains an abstracted peach surrounded by seeds, which signify the vulnerability associated with mortality as well as the notion of death as a result of consequence.

Alternative Sun

This piece is a result of continued experimentation around my fascination with the archetypal symbol of the sun.

Wood Abstraction

Fragmented Mosaic

Georgina Little

I work with abstraction in embroidery to create an enigmatic interaction between the mysterious and the sacred.

Through my practice, I create coded iconography which I translate into self-mythologising narratives. As I approached the end of my degree, I became interested in the theme of finality which began to dominate my work. I noticed a synergy between this theme and my own attitudes towards death and decided to explore how I could manifest and even comprehend these feelings through materiality. I aim to evidence the power of art to diminish death anxiety. I decided to create an embroidered shroud using my established archive of iconography. Working with hand embroidery is inherently time-consuming which means in death I will be wrapped in something I spent a great deal of my life creating. My work is very personal, and I will continue to create work that allows me to explore the physical and philosophical difficulties of creating an object imbued with life.

Final year project

Materialising Death Anxiety

Work Experience

I have participated in various exhibitions during my degree. I assisted with the 2019 Landed exhibition which allowed me to work with other students to create a pop-up event. I also showed my work in the student-curated MTC exhibition. I have also participated in various Welcome Mat exhibitions over the course of my degree. These opportunities have taught me about the logistics of planning, curating and facilitating an exhibition.