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Green Linings

Distorted two-block draft in varying stripes of the natural colours of linen.
Weft yarns dyed with chamomile and alkanet.


Embodying the power of plants by using only linen within this design.


A similar method to Reclaimed Beauty in cotton, I pieced together scraps of naturally dyed green linen to create this new life sprouting effect.


Undulating bold waves to emphasise the power that nature holds.


Displaying the design process from initial paintings to woven pieces.

Georgie Apps

I’m a woven textile designer who draws inspiration from the environment in order to produce collections with a particular focus on sustainability. I enjoy experimenting with the use of renewable natural yarns, chemical-free dyes and organic textures in order to produce sustainable fabric for fashion. I’m particularly interested in how this materiality can work coherently with natural colours to shift the industry towards setting more eco-conscious trends.

I've always turned to nature for inspiration. In previous projects, I have demonstrated my frustration towards the undeniable impacts of the current human lifestyle on this planet – the constant destruction of the natural world is soul-crushing.

The fashion industry has a long way to go until a complete transformation into a sustainable business model. We have been carelessly utilizing the resources of this natural world at our leisure, believing it would just grow back but we are killing the Earth quicker than it can recuperate.

Human Presence: Working with Nature, raises awareness of the consequences of fashion, provoking questions about the impacts current methods and materials have on the planet. Therefore, one of the main focuses is fibre – by choosing organic, renewable sources such as cotton, linen and hemp, I aim to reconnect people to the value and quality of plants. Showcasing the range of properties of each fibre - consciously designing for circularity with the end-of-life biodegradability and the ease of recyclability in mind, I am promoting a more sustainable approach to producing textiles.

This project relates strongly to my morals as a designer, wanting to be part of the change,

to shift the fashion industry from its Earth-blind methods to producing biodegradable natural textiles and easily recyclable materials whilst minimising waste, preventing any further unreversible damage to nature.

Final year project

Human Presence: Working with Nature